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Re: The Voter Fraud Hoax

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 Voter fraud claim was lie number what ? It's hard to keep track.

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The Voter Fraud Hoax

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    Donald in his whiniest phase ( aka campaign and all times forward) proclaimed that is wasn't that he wasn't ubber popular, but that "voter fraud" was why he lost the popular vote in the 2016 election via millions of fraudulent votes.   


     To wit, he spent my tax dollars by hiring people to investigate New Hampshire.    For the RW, they had some real chumps / champions in their corner:   Hans von Spakovsky and Kobach.     Much to the dismay of the a far right Think Tank (Heritage Foundation) some on the committee were not far right haters of people voting.   


      Then the Committee completed their report and made some pretty preposterous claims about Voter Fraud.    The wrote his interpretation of the findings in a 5000 word article on Breitbart.     And then the real world told his, not so fast.     Of course those who dwell in the far-night news ONLY, will, as expected, never know how Kobach lied and twisted the truth.    For those interested, here is a source of how that worked:


       And of course some will complain about "that source".    So how about a well know Justice Center, the Brennan Center for Justice.     They too looked at the "results" that Kobach is attempting to sell.


      Kobach and Hans von Spakovsky are counting on the Republican voters to not read anything other than far-right sites and never ever read an past a headline of a mainstream / reputable organization.      Let's see if the far-right haters of Voting Rights will show their racists colors or actually read and learn how the numbers that the far-right writers for Donald's Commission span DECADES.    


       The most recent update from Kobach is that perhaps the Commission won't make any recommendations based on the national backlash that his "report" received and that he has walked backed many of his statements ( everywhere but far right sites such as Breitbart). 

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