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Trump Lovers reside in a FOX alternate reality bubble, so they have no clue why DECENT Americans hate Comrade Trump. A big reason is the title of this thread, it doesn't exist in Trump World.

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You did not answer my question. My response was to the poster saying that Trump had not worked a day his life. Your response said nothing regarding that.


People can claim to be a Republican yet act like a Democrat. I can see why some Trump haters go for a project like the Lincoln. A group that is nothing more then a bunch of sore losers that hate Trump as well.


The most important thing to me in a president of the United States of America, is that he Love's this country and the people in it! And President Trump has those qualities and much more.



TRUMP-PENCE 2020!!! To Save This Country From The Insanity of The Dems!
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The Truth about tRump the Orange Toad is that he hasn't worked a day in the last 4 years. He has ZERO legislation passed because that would be work and all those Executive Orders he brags about turn out to do NOTHING that he claimed.


Turns out he had Jared draw up a plan for a National response to Covid, but when he saw the hotspots were in Blue States, he chose to do NOTHING so he could blame the Governors. When that didn't work and the Red States became riddled with the disease, he simply claimed they were doing great, and extolled quackery and claimed the disease "will magically go away". How's that workin' out for ya Floridians and Georgians?

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Olderscout66 wrote:

The Truth about tRump the Orange Toad is that he hasn't worked a day in the last 4 years. 


Even IF that were true (and it isn't) i don't know why the dems would criticize President Trump for that.  I mean i haven't heard any of the dems criticize biden and he hasn't, not only done a days work, he's accomplished NOTHING in 47 years!  

                               The TRUTH:

remember when dems fixed a prob GOOD Aug 2020.jpg



TRUMP-PENCE 2020!!! To Save This Country From The Insanity of The Dems!
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@sunluvngal    I will answer you as a Republican of many7 years. Regarding Biden.  I know he is not perfect  I know that he will  make mistakes. I know that he is a Democrat and follows the platforms of his party. but
I also know because of the years of Service both in the senate and as V{P one thing about him that I have learned.
1.- He is a decent man. a man of faith and a man that has gone thru many darki times during his life as a husband and a fathee
During his political career, we have never seen anyone attack him on his morals or his family life. he has remain true to them.
For me. as a Republican Moral values are too important to disregard. and they offer me a confidence that he will do what is moral and what is decent.  No matter how you can see things, Trump does not and never has had any of those qualities. if they are not important to you. that is your problem but not having moral values does have very dark consequences.

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NOTHING that comes from the group of sore losers that makes up the lp, will ever come close to any TRUTH about President Trump.  I doubt they know the meaning of the word.


lincoln project embittered former republicans Aug 2020 GOOD.png


TRUMP-PENCE 2020!!! To Save This Country From The Insanity of The Dems!
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Ohhhhh, if only the GOP had nominated someone like Kasich to be president.   I disagree with him on almost everything -- he's super anti-choice to start with -- but he's a rational, ethical, normal human.    He would not have wrecked the country like Trump has....

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You won't mee too many Republican politicians to say that they are pro choice. as we know since the Bush Administration and his religion compassion the  Christian

 Right has taken a very strong hold of many

But this man is a decent man. and would have respected our laws. 

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