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The Toad spends millions on untested drug

The ToadPOTUS has ordered millions of doses of his fantasy drug chloroquine from the major supplier INDIA.


The Indian Government told Toad they will try and fill his order, but the needs of the Indian people will be taken care of first.


The Toad croaked back "You can do that if you want, but THERE WILL BE REPERCUSSIONS!"


I know someone taking chloroquine for lupus, and she was given the drug ONLY after extensive medical background information was considered and she's being carefully monitored because two COMMON side effects are 1. loss of vision and

2. heart attack.


No matter to the Toad -  He can't possibly care if his guineapigs get medical advice before they chug his drug or monitoring after. If enough people take it, he can AND WILL claim the deaths were from the "Chinese virus" while those who recover will be because HE SAVED THEM.


Be interesting to see how India responds to being threatened by the Toad.


The Toad is the greatest embarrassment the US has suffered in 244 years - and now we all know why the other World leaders make fun of his ignorance and bombastic public persona.

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