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The Russia Connections

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The GOPers keep saying "there's no collusion", pretending that's the same as "no CONSPIRACY".

Here's what we know:

Trump and his lawyer had many meetings with Russian officials to discuss building a Trump Tower in Moscow. How many meetings? A lot more than anyone in the Trump camp admitted until Mueller presented them with evidence and several have now admitted they lied to the FBI, Congress and the American People on numerous occasions concerning the extent of their meetings with Russians in re the Moscow Tower.


The Russian State Bank, controlled by Putin, agreed to lend Der Trumper hundreds of millions - an oft cited number is $450Million to finance the Tower and other Trump real estate scams across Europe.


PROBLEM: That bank was under sanctions by the US for money laundring and as a response to Russia annexing the Crimea and invading the Ukraine. So the sanctions had to go.


Lifting the sanctions on Russia was first mentioned by Der Trumper in a press conference during the campaign in response to a question by Marina Butina who is currently in jail for being a Russian SPY. Der Trumper and his whole crew repeatedly lied about any connection between the Tower. the loan they'd need to build it, the sanctioned bank, Putin, and his idea we should lift the sanctions on Russia.


After that press conference, the Russians hacked the DNC, fed damaging emails to Wikileaks and obviously to Trump officials because they kept talking about what and when was going to come out as dirt on Hillary. Then the PsyOps warriors of the KGB spent months searching election data to locate potential trump voters who seldom voted, used their social media posts to hand-craft lies slanders and conspiracy theories to enrage those voters and drive them to the polls to elect Der Trumper.


It worked. Der Trumper carried 4 swing states by less than 20,000 votes and became POTUS while losing the popular vote by over 3,000,000.


Now Trump and his minions had spent MONTHS lying about the tower, the bank, any contact they had with Russia, Russian help slandering Hillary, and they were all telling the EXACT SAME LIES - only possible if someone had ORCHESTRATED the lying.


We did not know about Trumps access to $450Million only if he lifted the sanctions on Russia, or about his Tower deal, or how he had offered Putin a $50 Million Penthouse Apartment in the Tower BUT RUSSIA DID KNOW


So, first Russia gained LEVERAGE - in this case the ability to reveal many lies and shady financial deals Trump and his associates had made with Russia, along with all the help Russia provide in rigging the election for Der Trumper.


Then they installed their highly leveraged puppet as POTUS.


THEN their puppet worked to lift sanctions, tried to orchestrate the surrender of the Ukraine to Russia, and accepted the annexation of the Crimea.


THEN their puppet began dismemberment our NATO alliances, insulting the other leaders, demanding tribute for our agreeing to live up to the "mutual defense" provision of the NATO treaty, and openly suggesting we should reduce our forces in Europe to "save money".


Anybody still think there's no Trump CONSPIRACY with Russia AGAINST THE USA?

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