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The Real Donald Trump

Trump's racism ....

-Trump told Congressional women of color  to "go back to their own country"!

- Trump said African nations are "excrement hole countries"!


Trump's bigotry ....

-Trump made numerous vile insults against Mexicans when he announced his presidential campaign in 2016 ... so vile that he was fired from his own TV show!

- Trump wanted to have all Muslim Americans identified.


Trump's misogamy ....

Trump referred to women who stand up to him as "bleeding" from their orifices!


Trump's treason ....

- Trump threw America under the bus at the Helsinki talks to appease Putin ... our Russian enemy!

- Trump continually believes a single Russian KGB agent, Putin, over 17 of his own county's intelligence agencies!

- Trump gave Russians classified information .... documents that our allies gave to America and whose distribution  to Russians now compromise their intelligence agencies!


Trump's violation of our laws and Constitution .....

- The Government Accountability Office stated that Trump broke the law when he held back Congressionally approved aid to Ukraine.

- Trump violated the Constitution when he refused to comply with Congressional subpoenas.

- Trump violated the Constitution's emoluments clause numerous times when he used the Office of President for financial gain ,,,, the most egregious when he declared his Florida resort "The Florida White House" and then doubled its membership fees!


Trump's criminal actions .....

Trump is facing several charges of fraud from the State of New York and 10 Federal counts of "obstruction of justice" when he leaves office!


Trump's sexual predatory behavior ......

Please recall Trump's self professed entitlement to grab women by their sexual organs.

And we have 24 women accusing Trump of doing to them exactly what he said he was entitled to do to them ....... sexually assault them!


Not to be forgotten, Trump was also accused of rape by two women, one who testified that she was repeatedly raped by Trump and his buddy Epstein when she was a 14 YEAR OLD SEX SLAVE OF EPSTEIN .... and further said that Trump and Epstein then bragged about who stole her virginity!!!

Trump also lusted about what he saw when he exercised his self professed entitlement to watch teenage girls get undressed at his teen pageants ...... (some as young as 15 ) saying that as owner of the venue, he was entitled "to inspect them". 

And with that admission, Trump also admitted to being a child predator!!!


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