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The Racist Anti-Vote Effort by Florida Republicans Hits a New Low

The racist anti-vote effort by Florida Republicans hits a new low


ALTHOUGH THEY claim to believe in democracy, Republicans are working feverishly to make it harder for people — or certain kinds of people — to vote. They have undertaken efforts across the country to purge voters from registration rolls, impede voting by mail and stop early voting. An appalling new low in their campaign to disenfranchise people in advance of the Nov. 3 elections has been reached with the bid by Florida Republicans — cheered on by President Trump — to investigate Mike Bloomberg for the “crime” of trying to help people to be able to vote.


Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody (R) called on the FBI and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to investigate efforts by the businessman, philanthropist and former New York mayor on behalf of an organization that is raising money to pay off the court debt of former felons so they can vote. The Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, which set up a fines and fees fund, is an organization run by formerly incarcerated people that spearheaded Florida’s adoption in 2018 of Amendment 4 restoring voting rights to former felons. Despite overwhelming, bipartisan approval, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) and his GOP cohorts in the legislature worked to thwart the measure. They passed a law requiring former felons to repay outstanding legal debts, knowing full well that most of these people — mainly Black and Latino — don’t have the financial means. In many cases they can’t even find out how much they owe. A torturous legal battle ensued with a lower court ruling the law was unconstitutional because it amounted to a poll tax, but that decision was reversed by a federal appeals court on Sept. 11.


That 6-to-4 ruling upholding the law spurred the coalition’s fundraising to help pay off outstanding court fees and fines before the voter registration deadline of Oct. 5. Musicians John Legend and Camila Cabello teamed up for a crowdfunding campaign, and there has been support from other music, film and sports stars. Mr. Bloomberg, while not giving direct donations, helped raise $16 million, and the group said it was well on its way to meeting its $25 million goal with contributions from more than 40,000 donors.


Ms. Moody cited “potential violations of election laws.” Mr. Trump (naturally) went further: “It’s a felony. He’s actually giving money to people. He’s paying people to vote. He’s actually saying, ‘Here’s money, now you go ahead and vote for only Democrats.’ Right?”


Nonsense. Any money raised to pay fines and fees goes to a 501(c)(4) foundation, which then goes to the county or state, not to the former felons, who have no idea who helped pay their fines and fees. No one is obligated to register to vote or support a specific candidate. That the coalition’s effort has been underway for more than a year — with some debts already paid off — seems to have escaped the notice of Ms. Moody and other Republicans. No doubt the approach of Nov. 3 and polls showing Mr. Trump in a virtual tie in Florida with former vice president Joe Biden has got them paying attention.


The call for investigation is nothing more than another brazen effort to try to scare people — who have the legal right to vote — from going to the polls.


The racist anti-vote effort by Florida Republicans hits a new low 

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Now that the incarcerated can qualify for the covid stimulus payment, (new court ruling) they can use this money to pay off their debts and be voting eligible when released free and clear.


AHHH, the sweet right and price to vote.

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   Anyone with a functional brain knows that this case in Florida is hog-wash, but it is typical far-right hog-wash so all the far right folks here will be squealing like pigs about Mr. Bloomberg  for daring to donate to a 501 c4.    Simultaneously, that will condemn  the NYT piece - as that is about "their crook'.   

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Ain't no low to which Republicans won't go!



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No getting around the fact that Florida is and has been a bloody political battleground.


If Trump loses in Florida, he has lost the election. 


Biden can afford to lose Florida, and pick up other states leaning to him and win, most notably Minn, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and for sure Arizona.

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