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Re: The REINTRODUCED Affordable Housing Plan From Elizabeth Warren, 2020 Democratic Presidential Hop

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I have not yet read Warren's whole concept.  I will be looking for similarities that coincide with what in my neck of the woods I consider major progress towards affordable housing.


Housing Bill Tracker for 2019 Washington Legislative Session

Legislative agenda provides a chance at more homes, more funding for affordable homes, and more tenant protections.


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The REINTRODUCED Affordable Housing Plan From Elizabeth Warren, 2020 Democratic Presidential Hopeful

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Didn't like it before - don't like it now. - Election 2020 - Team Warren - My Housing Plan for America - 03/16/2019


What could go wrong - Duh!

This is just one area of the overall plan - to know the whole concept, read the entire link ~


. . . . . another driver of expensive housing costs: some state and local zoning rules needlessly drive up the cost of construction. These aren’t necessary rules that protect the environment or ensure that homes meet safety codes. These are rules like minimum lot sizes or mandatory parking requirements. These kinds of rules raise the costs of building new housing and keep families from moving into areas with better career and school choices.


My bill gives state and local governments a real incentive to eliminate these unnecessary rules. It puts $10 billion into a new competitive grant program. States, regions and cities can use the new grant money to build infrastructure, parks, roads, or schools. But to even apply for these grants, they must reform land-use rules to allow for the construction of additional well-located affordable housing units and to protect tenants from rent spikes and eviction. Similar efforts have resulted in states making serious changes in the hopes of securing valuable federal grants.


I picked my home (actually built it) based on where it was located - keeping in mind the potential growth of the area (my priority was none), the minimum lot size (watershed area), the size of homes in the immediate vicinity (estate size subdivision), distance from major road thorough-fare (for noise reduction), amount of traffic (to go hither and yon), amount of tree buffer (I like woods).  Of course, the price of the land and the tax rate of the locality. 


What were your priorities?


Just taking the above part of the plan, she does not understand that municipalities have to consider the potential (property) tax effect of their zoning - that is the way they make money.  The more amenities like sidewalks, street lights, home and lot sizes, exterior finishes that they can dictate in their zoning and planning - the higher their tax rates.  Many municipalities use these ordinances and laws to create wonderful places to live.  That does come with a cost.


She is also forgetting that once a complex is built - whether individual homes, town homes, condos or apartments - there are upkeep cost, repair cost, improvement cost, increases in property taxes that all add into the final amount of the escalating cost of the housing.


Then, of course, everybody wants to hopefully make a profit when they sell.


It seems with this plan, the municipalities would be exchanging some of their property tax escalations when times are good to these federal grants.  I am not sure that that would produce the desired result of "affordable housing" at least not in the long run.


With all these "ideas" coming from the far-left, progressive wing of the Democratic party - they should be careful in what they are suggesting that might drastically affect the lives of the more moderates among us.  Don't ya think?


How in your opinion can "affordable housing" be created for those that need it?

How long would it remain "affordable" knowing all the things that have to be paid for to keep the property of whatever type up to a clean livable standard, regardless of the type of housing?


Stuff storage - not so much in these places but maybe affordable - maybe, depending on where they are.  Should we take our cue from other countries?



Image result for pictures of community of tiny houses


Image result for pictures of many apartment complexes crammed in to small area


Image result for pictures of many apartment complexes crammed in to small area


Image result for pictures of many apartment complexes crammed in to small area



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