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Re: The Majority of Other Countries DO NOT Cover The Undocumented in their Health Care Systems

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   Perhaps the author of this thread should / could consider that they misunderstand (perhaps purposefully) that they are saying that other countries fail in some healthcare coverage issues as well.   Friends of mine who travel extensively in EU say that healthcare is essentially free.

    It is well past cherry picking season, someone must really be afraid of the concept that everyone should have access to healthcare.     

     They would be advised to read the KFF analysis to Medicare for All and learn that it is not 100% free, especially for those not in the lower income brackets.    And wait, not all private healthcare is dissolved.    

     The hair on fire complaints are quite similar to the screams re: ACA - which actually did and does continue to help people who cannot afford private healthcare insurance.   Same hysterical screams that a person may have to wait for more than a new york second to see a physician.   The current ads:   you may have to wait for surgery, when in fact a lot of what people are screaming about and demanding is not necessary - but citizens quit listening to physicians.  

PRO-LIFE is Affordable Healthcare for ALL .
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Re: The Majority of Other Countries DO NOT Cover The Undocumented in their Health Care Systems

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Once again, I have to bring facts and truth to this debate. There are no health care plans or laws regarding health care in America today which cover undocumented immigrants.  There ARE humanitarian laws which require hospitals and physicians to render medical care to individuals who need it but the undocumented have be EXPRESSLY denied inclusion to any American health care plans and that includes the ACA.


No federal coverage.

  • Not allowed to purchase private health insurance at full cost in state insurance exchange(s).
  • Not eligible for premium tax credits or lower copayments.
  • Exempt from individual mandate.
  • Not eligible for Medicare, nonemergency Medicaid, or CHIP.
  • Remain eligible for emergency care under federal law.
  • Eligible for Emergency Medicaid if low-income.
  • Citizen or lawfully present children of undocumented parents are eligible:
    • To purchase from the state insurance exchange.
    • For premium tax credits and lower copayments.
    • For Medicaid or CHIP.
  • May seek nonemergency health services at community health centers or safety-net hospitals.
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Re: The Majority of Other Countries DO NOT Cover The Undocumented in their Health Care Systems

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They don’t? So...does that prevent us from excelling and being a world leader for human rights and compassion?

We already have a trump government socialist welfare program for the wealthy and corporations!

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Re: The Majority of Other Countries DO NOT Cover The Undocumented in their Health Care Systems

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How about we just start with some soap and toothpaste? 

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The Majority of Other Countries DO NOT Cover The Undocumented in their Health Care Systems

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The Hill 06/27/2019 - All Democratic candidates raise hands on giving health care to undocumented im...


In reading through the Commonwealth Fund synopsis of Healthcare system profiles as to Who is covered by varying types of universal coverage in these countries - most countries do NOT cover undocumented adults.  They seem to take care of emergencies until they are stable - just like we do - but past that these folks are pretty much on their own, paying out of pocket or getting help via some charitable foundation or state/local help.


I think Democrats, including Bernie Sanders - whatever he is, especially those running for this high office should get their priorities straight - 


Commonwealth Fund: International Healthcare System Profiles - WHO IS COVERED

Australia:  . . . . care for Australian citizens, residents with a permanent visa, and New Zealand citizens following their enrollment in the program and confirmation of identity. Restricted access is provided to citizens of certain other countries through formal agreements. Other visitors to Australia do not have access to Medicare.

Canada:  . . . . Temporary legal visitors, undocumented immigrants, those who stay in Canada beyond the duration of a legal permit, and those who enter the country “illegally,” are not covered by any federal or provincial program, although provinces and territories provide some limited services.

Switzerland: . . . . Temporary nonresident visitors pay for care up front and must claim expenses from any coverage they may hold in their home country. The absence of MHI for undocumented immigrants remains an unsolved problem acknowledged by the Swiss Federal Council (SFC), the highest governing and executive authority.

China: . . . . The few permanent foreign residents are entitled to the same coverage benefits as citizens. Undocumented immigrants (there are very few) and visitors are not covered by publicly financed health insurance.

Denmark:  . . . . In principle, undocumented immigrants and visitors are not covered, but a voluntary, privately funded initiative by Danish doctors, supported by the Danish Red Cross and Danish Refugee Aid, provides this population with access to care.

Germany:  . . . . Visitors are not covered through German SHI. Refugees and undocumented immigrants are covered by [Germany] social security in case of acute illness and pain, as well as pregnancy and childbirth.

France:  . . . . The state finances health services for undocumented immigrants who have applied for residence. Visitors from elsewhere in the European Union (EU) are covered by an EU insurance card. Non-EU visitors are covered for emergency care only.

England:  . . . . (NHS)  Coverage is universal. All those “ordinarily resident” in England are automatically entitled to NHS care, largely free at the point of use, as are nonresidents with a European Health Insurance Card. For other people, such as non-European visitors or undocumented immigrants, only treatment in an emergency department and for certain infectious diseases is free.

Japan:  . . . . Citizens are mandated to enroll in one of the SHIS plans based on age, employment status, and/or place of residence as are resident non-citizens; undocumented immigrants and visitors are not covered.

Netherlands:  . . . . Apart from acute care, long-term care, and obstetric care, undocumented immigrants have to pay for most health care themselves (they cannot take out health insurance). However, some mechanisms are in place to reimburse costs that undocumented immigrants are unable to pay. For asylum seekers, a separate set of policies has been developed. Permanent residents (for more than three months) are obliged to purchase private insurance coverage. Visitors are required to purchase insurance for the duration of their visit if they are not covered through their home country.

Norway:  . . . . Undocumented adult immigrants have access only to emergency acute care, while undocumented children receive the same care as citizens.

New Zealand:  . . . . All permanent residents have access to a broad range of services, which are largely publicly financed through general taxes. Nonresidents, including tourists, are charged the full cost of services by public health care providers, unless treatment is related to an accident, in which case they are covered by a no-fault accident compensation scheme.

Singapore:  . . . . MediShield is a low-cost catastrophic health insurance scheme to help policyholders meet the medical expenses from major or prolonged illnesses that their Medisave balance would not be sufficient to cover. MediShield operates on a copayment and deductible system. The premiums for MediShield are payable by the insured through Medisave. Singaporeans are automatically enrolled in the program. Permanent residents are covered by MediShield, but undocumented immigrants and visitors are not covered.

Sweden: . . . . Emergency coverage is provided to all patients from European Union/European Economic Area countries and to patients from nine other countries with which Sweden has bilateral agreements. Asylum-seeking and undocumented children have the right to health care services, as do children who are permanent residents. Adult asylum seekers and undocumented adults have the right to receive care that cannot be deferred (e.g., maternity care).

United States:  . . . . Undocumented immigrants are generally ineligible for public coverage, and nearly two-thirds are uninsured. Hospitals that accept Medicare funds (which are the vast majority) must provide care to stabilize any patient with an emergency medical condition, and several states allow undocumented immigrants to qualify for emergency Medicaid coverage beyond “stabilization” care. Some state and local governments provide additional coverage, such as coverage for undocumented children or pregnant women.


Course, NO country has as many undocumented aliens/migrants/immigrants/asylum seekers as we do.



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