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   What the RNC et al are hoping that their propagandized followers forget that while they are watching the "rome burning movie' that people continue to die from Covid 19.    And yes, the numbers are decreasing at the good.

    Please ignore the Sturges superspreader that is now spreading throughout the country.

    Please ignore the college students who seem to never have been taught anything but 'I am privileged" who are causing outbreaks in their own colleges and college communities.


     Oh wait, mr. rocket scientist in WH decided that less testing is better, because holding people responsible for their own actions is just too darn daunting.   

     FarRight doesn't give two hoots about global numbers - they are nationalists ( white) and they don't care about number of healthcare personnel who have died (1100) from Covid19.    They only say:  it hasn't hurt me.   That ignorance - it is just like the flu - seem not to care how the healthcare system in the US is struggling ( well at least those who are actually treating Covid19 patients.     


     NAH they continue to sell DISTRACTION about anything that highlights the many failures of the current WH regime.   They say they are law and order kind of folks, but ignore all the crimes committed by their current WH regime.  

PRO-LIFE is Affordable Healthcare for ALL .
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