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The 17 people who have died in the protests and riots so far

Bryan Brammer


The widespread riots that have ensued after the killing of George Floyd have not only caused irreparable damage to property, but they've taken the lives of at least 17 Americans.

Some of the victims were either former or current law enforcement or innocent bystanders trying to get home or protect their business.


Those who have died so far during the riots:


David Dorn (77): Died protecting Lee's Pawn Jewelry from looters. He was a retired St. Louis Police officer who served the force for 38 years. He was shot in the torso by suspected rioters and died in the middle of the street.

Barry Perkins (29): Died after he was run over by a FedEx tractor-trailer in St. Louis. After being stopped by two men with guns, the driver feared for his life, honked the horn and sped away, unaware that Perkins was stuck on the converter dolly between the two trailers.


David McAtee (53): Died from a gunshot wound while serving food at his restaurant, Yaya's BBQ Shack, in Louisville. Someone in the crowd allegedly shot at National Guard officers during a protest. They returned fire, leaving McAtee dead shortly after midnight.


Dorian Murrell (18): Was shot and killed by Tyler Newby, 29, in Indianapolis. Newby was approached by Murrell and nine other men after Newby found a gas canister. The group asked him what he had found and pushed Newby to the ground. He pulled out his gun and shot Murrell, who was standing over him. Newby immediately turned himself in.


Italia Kelly (22): Was shot and killed during a protest in Iowa. Her family said she was protesting peacefully before the demonstrations devolved to violence. The shooter has not been identified.


Marquis M. Tousant (23): Was shot and killed in Iowa. Police found a semi-automatic handgun underneath Tousant's body. He was also seen in a video standing outside a jewelry store with a gun the same night he was killed.


Calvin L. Horton Jr. (43): Was fatally shot near the police department's Third Precinct in Minneapolis. He is believed to be the first death since the protests began.


James Scurlock (22): Was fatally shot by a bar owner during a physical altercation in Omaha. The shooter, Jake Gardner, was determined to have acted in self-defense.


Victor Cazares (27): Was shot and killed in Chicago during a riot. A town spokesperson said the shootings were a result of "outside agitators who were driving through Cicero seeking to cause trouble."


Patrick Underwood (53): Was gunned down by drive-by shooters reportedly targeting uniformed officers. Underwood was an officer in the Department of Homeland Security's Federal Protective Service. He was standing guard outside the U.S. Courthouse in Oakland.


Jorge Gomez (25): Was shot and killed by Las Vegas police during riots near the state's federal courthouse. Gomez, wearing body armor and armed with three weapons, raised his gun toward officers before being fatally shot.


Chris Beaty (38): Was reportedly shot and killed near his apartment building in Indianapolis, according to local media reports. Beaty was a former offensive lineman for Indiana University and a prominent businessman who owned several nightclubs.


Marvin Francois (50): Was shot and killed in Kansas City by three black men who were trying to steal his Jeep. Francois was a photographer who was documenting the protests. He was shot three times and died at the scene.


Not named yet:

  • A 29-year-old Chicago man was shot and killed by "outside agitators" during riots.
  • A male looter in his 20s was shot and killed by a gun store owner in Philadelphia.
  • A Philadelphia man was killed trying to blow up an ATM.
  • A Detroit man was shot and killed during protests. Local police are searching for a woman identified as a person of interest.




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Most significant thing about this list is that NOBODY was killed by a "protester" - either the death was caused by LOOTERS or police. Even the Police admit there is virtually no evidence the protesters are the ones doing the looting and burning. Instead they point to "outside agitators" who are using the protests as a cover for their organized crime sprees.


Now the ToadPOTUS wants to brand the Anti-Fascist MOVEMENT a "terrorist organization" because they oppose his Fascist/White Supremacist base. The Anti Fascist MOVEMENT has been around since the 1920's when they began trying to warn Americans about Hitler, but they have never become an "organization" with membership cards and regular meetings or even a common manifesto of their beliefs. Toad doesn't care because what he wants is to use the Army to kill his opponents, and calling them "terrorists" is the first step. It's like jrbush declaring "War on Terror" despite the fact it is impossible to win a war with a phantom, or even define WHO you're fighting. But jr was never big on WINNING, so long as his owners could grab the oil and sell our military hugely expensive weapons they neither wanted nor needed.

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So sad that America has always been so violent that people have to die to bring about change. This is nothing new.


Just a few things that people had to die for (not necessarily in order):


For the right for people to vote other than rich white land owners.


For the end of slavery.


For women to have the right to vote.


For Blacks to have the right to vote.


For workers to have the right to collectively bargain with their employers.


For the Civil Rights Act to get passed into law.


Yep, it's a shame that over 50 years after the Civil Rights Act was passed that there have to be nationwide protests and people dying over police brutality and the disproportionate acts of violence and killing of black people by the police. Instead of "Making America Great Again", trump has caused the number of hate crimes to increase, the number of violent actions by white supremacist groups to increase, and the number of mass killings by white males to increase. tRump even threatens to turn our own military against American citizens practicing their Constitutional right to protest which would undoubtedly cause even more to die.


Good topic. It's a shame that American citizens have to continue to die for All Americans to be treated equally in their own country.  We can and should do better, we certainly won't under tRump and the Republicans that won't stand up to him and what he stands for

Man learns from history that man learns nothing from history.
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Good topic. It's a shame that American citizens have to continue to die for All Americans to be treated equally in their own country. We can and should do better, we certainly won't under tRump and the Republicans that won't stand up to him and what he stands for

To be honest, I am shocked it's only 17. Hopefully, there won't be anymore. Just to be Equals in a Country they were BORN IN.
Live For Today, No One is Guaranteed a TOMORROW !
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jim91 posted...

The 17 people who have died in the protests and riots so far

Thanks for posting that information!

I wonder how many of the protesters know or care about the 17?
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Thank you for this, jimc. 👍 This is just part of what saddens me with what's going on.  The fact that the only person i have heard of, other than George Floyd of course, on this list is Captain David Dorn. 😢   😢  So much chaos over the death of one (although the way it happened was inexcusable!) when there have been so many.  Hopefully that list doesn't get any longer!

TRUMP-PENCE 2020!!! To Save This Country From The Insanity of The Dems!
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We  as Americas  should judge actions as Americans, and not as politicians. the moment that we do. We inject those judgments  with what benefit those politicians instead of what benefits this country.

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