Social Butterfly

Terrible Results Under My People= TRUMP anogram

This man does not have the **bleep** to address the Amercian People in public, or even give us a stae of the union, except in a tweet.  What is he hiding under the wig and orange makeup?


Nixon at least had the dignity to resign, and fold em when beaten. Trump will squat in the White House until the security comes in to send him back to Florida, where he enjoys the homesead act.  Meglomanacs never work in reality of the world , just thier delusions. And delusions are truth to them.sults

Honored Social Butterfly

He may not easily escape to Florida or anywhere for that matter.  There are flurries of lawsuits claiming his wrongdoings that steadily have been gaining ground on him as they've been making their way through the court system.  From sexual assault to money laundering, they run the gamut across the country.


I think he's going to find his bag of tricks has a big hole in it and there is nothing left for him to grab.  The current legal defenses for his impeachment do not bode well if what we've seen are the best excuses for him his lawyers can muster to shield him from the rule of law.  America is better than this.


His life gets uglier by the minute.  No where in the world he can hide.  No country is going to want to adopt him.  His mob boss days are over and I look forward to the day he is bagged and out of the way.  It's possible the preparations into planning for that also include his blood relatives and most all the rest of his Best People.

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