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One thing that THE PORCINE PRESIDENT can do well is pat himself on the back. Let's look at some subjects where there has been extensive back-patting and see what the reality is.


THE STOCK MARKET: First of all, no President has ever patted themselves on the back for a rising market because, as they say, "what goes up, can come down". And here it goes. Retail stocks are plunging, grocery stocks have nose-dived, and apparel stocks have been battered. Analyst are predicting a soon to occur correction of 3% to 5%. Have we heard this phony President pat himself on the back for these occurrences.... of course not!


THE HOUSTON RESPONSE: Other than mutual pats on the back between THE PORCINE PRESIDENT and THE RACIST GOVERNOR of TEXAS, little has been done at the Federal level. In fact, the FEDERAL AGENCIES are asking for volunteers to put themselves in harm's way because, as with other disasters, the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT was under-prepared. Having to take 90 year old people out of rest homes in 4 feet of water should have never happened.... they should have been moved prior to the event. The rain event was a KNOWN factor well prior to the actual event. Even their convention center is over capacity because of poor planning... shades of Katrina. So far, words, words, words are all the action this weak President has taken.


DOMESTIC TERRORISM- While THE PORCINE PRESIDENT patted himself on the back for concentrating on BLACK crime in CHICAGO; he empowered the WHITE SUPREMACISTS, KKK, AND NAZIS in other parts of our great nation. This divisive piece of excrement has made it clear on which side of the line he is most comfortable, by saying there were GOOD PEOPLE demonstrating with torches yelling Anti-Black and anti-Jewish slogans. He is dividing the country as many have done with other countries before him.


KOREAN LINE IN THE SAND- Didn't you recently hear THE PORCINE PRESIDENT announce that the North Korean Nut Job was now RESPECTING the United States? A pat on the back for something that lacked reality. Here's what really transpired. Having said that the North Korean Nut Job has disrespected the United States and that he is not going to get away with it. Having said that the North Korean Nut Job is not going to threaten either the United States or Japan. Having said that our response would be the likes of which the world hasn't seen...... one thing is for sure. After lobbing a missile OVER JAPANESE AIR SPACE, there HAS BEEN a response like the world has never seen......... because THERE HAS BEEN NO RESPONSE!!!!!!  What a WEAK PRESIDENT....... all bluster, no muster.


LAYOFFS- That 1,000,000 jobs have been created since the election of THE PORCINE PRESIDENT does secure itself one record. That statement is the biggest pile of manure that has ever been stacked by a sitting President. Again, a pat on the back for false results. Union Pacific laying off, Harley Davidson laying off and moving production of its iconic AMERICAN brand to another country, and Carrier (a success???? of Trump's) continuing to ship jobs to Mexico. In fact, some job losses have a connection to THE PORCINE PRESIDENT himself. Does anyone think that the recent closing of ALEVO in NC, a company owned by a RUSSIAN OLIGARCH, had no connection to THE PORCINE PRESIDENT after the President's plane was seen in the company of the oligarch's plane both in CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA'S AIRPORT and LAS VEGAS, NEVADA'S AIRPORT?


TRANSGENDER BAN- Even his Generals were unaware that THE PORCINE PRESIDENT unilaterally was going to blindside them by announcing an obviously discriminatory policy for the Military. It has taken decades upon decades to have an all encompassing Military that reflects the citizenry which it protects and THE PORCINE PRESIDENT wants to turn back the clock. From what angle he is going to pat himself on the back for this one, I can't imagine.


No President has made more errors or changed domestic and foreign policies for the worse in such a short time.


This country needs to cut its losses and cut this piece of bull excrement out of the Government before it is too late.


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