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Photo's of crowds waiting to see him without distancing or wearing masks.    Let's see how many Covid cases we have in a couple of weeks.  It is so



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Here's the local news with video and what they have to say about the "crowds" 


They have a mask mandate in NC issued by EO of the Governor back in June.

Asheville, NC even has some different citation measures - so let's see if they enforce it.


msn: Citizen Times 06/30/2020 - Mask mandate: Buncombe sheriff won't initially enforce at businesses... 


Asheville police will enforce the measure from the start. And both law enforcement bodies are prepared to issue trespassing or other charges for patrons who are asked to comply but refuse.

Asheville police will issue citations if 'necessary'

Spokeswoman Christina Hallingse said in an email that Asheville police will issue Class II misdemeanor charges at businesses "if a citation is necessary," though she noted Cooper's order encourages voluntary compliance and education.


"Citations may be written only to businesses or organizations that fail to enforce the requirement to wear face coverings," Hallingse said. "Operators of businesses and organizations are entitled to rely on their customers or patrons' statements about whether or not they are exempted from the face covering requirements, and businesses and organizations do not violate the order if they rely on such statements."


Hallingse also said Asheville police may cite people for trespassing or for violating other laws if a business or organization refuses them entry because that person won't wear a mask and that person refuses to leave the premises.


APD strongly encourages everyone to comply with the order," Hallingse wrote. "It is not, and has not been, our intent to criminalize those who do not comply, but rather educate individuals on the intent of the order with a warning or advisement.


"Only in cases where the behavior persists has APD considered the use of citations to gain compliance. These efforts have been practiced to protect those at high risk, and to minimize the spread of COVID-19 in our community."

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@GailL1 wrote:

Here's the local news with video and what they have to say about the "crowds" 



Right president.  Right place.   Wrong campaign.  The article is from 2016.  I think IMPOOPUS's visit to Asheville today was just a short in-and-out, wasn't it?

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This is what happens when you rely on articles one finds on the internet and then use them on a discussion of a subject. When one knows and understands the subject then looks for articles to support what a person knows you can avoid this type of error.

It is also why no one should ever take final  advice on a subject from anyone in here that does not include: See a local expert in your area.

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The optional mask use is just a cop out. 
This promotes the idea that if one has a right to not wear a mask, that protects their right to infect others if one is contagious...shouldn’t we be trying to stop the virus spread, not encourage it. 

Or isn’t that in conflict of my right to live?

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It is NOT optional in Asheville, NC - it is a MANDATE.

But even a mandate without enforcement is useless.

Same thing for any other mandate of things that are good for us like wearing a seat belt in a moving auto (course buses are exempt - even school buses) , wearing a helmet while riding a motor cycle,  carrying liability insurance on your car, to name just a few.


What about the mother with several young children - some states and businesses have mandated that children over the age of 2 wear a mask while not being able to social distance.

What about the people I see in stores that aren't wearing it properly - doesn't cover their nose; sometimes note their nose or their mouth - it is just dangling from their chin. 

What about the person that is shouting out directions or repetitive slogans over a group of people standing below them, even outside.

I don't really know the political persuasion of these people - in fact, I don't think it matters.

People are gonna do it or not - based on their views and their efforts - just like all these other mandates.


Should we all be trying to give them a helping hand with their [whatever] wearing mask problems - telling them they need to correct the error or should we just call the cops?  Or maybe we have mask enforcer units now ?


Let's see if Asheville will enforce their mandate, or even North Carolina.





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It's hard to vote while on a ventilator, especially if you plan on being at the polls in person because all good tRumPets would never vote by mail.

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Wonder why they are even there?   Or better yet, who are they ?


Asheville, NC is a blue island in a sea of red.  In fact, the county where it is located, (Buncombe) was among only a very few counties in NC that voted blue in the 2016 election (56% to 41%). 

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