The governor of the state of Mississippi has by executive order overturned and prohibited cities within his state that had ordered stay at home decrees, closed non essential establishments and work from home orders from issuing such edicts.  Travelers should avoid trave to, from and inside Mississippi until further notice.  We are all in the most vunerable group for the CoronaVirus COVID-19 and the Governor has made it easier for us to contract the virus within his state.  


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Tate Reeves is the governor of the State of Mississppi. This governor's decision to stand in defiance of one of the only real efforts we can take to potentially help to slow this pandemic, proves the old saying -- "Stupid is as Stupid does."  Both he and his decision stupid!

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I think I mentioned this before here, but when I lived in Alabama they had an ironic saying "thank God for Mississippi; if not for them we'd be in last place all the time." Referring to the states' standing in education and so many other measures.


Still though, I have a lot of affection for both states.

Honored Social Butterfly

Where do they find these creatures?

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