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You are correct in what you say. I have no doubt that today's   teenagers are quick to think and many are as you say involved.

I also think that what has happened in their schools, the shootings and the death of their friends are finally taking a toll and becoming important for many.

But, still the lack of education that they are exposed in school is vast, and manydon't have families that can in a way influence that void.
We will see soon how this new generation speaks,  they are the only ones that I trust these days.

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   Some will be shocked...not really, but I am an activist, but in a very organized was.   My first step was to become a Deputy Voter Registrar, because Texas.     It was easy, go to major gatherings and asking people if they were registered to vote.

    I don't know the laws in other states, but TX is probably has as many crazy rules as most other states.   I learned that some Bright Red States almost encourage some to vote.  hmmm.


    But now, mostly because of SCOTUS and Ohio, I now have stepped up my game.   We ( meaning people in TX, and many are retired school teachers)  train people, yes it is documented and approved, so that members of their group can go into highschools and sign up high school kids to vote.    But that is only the first step, then DVR's are now doing check-ups to assure that the information on their voter registration card and TX approved ID card are identical.     

     While some can say - blame the schools, I would offer another line of thought, which is that the basic rules that Seniors were taught  are not quite the operative modi for today's world.     The more that I am out and about being a DVR, the students I meet are inquisitive and know far more that some assume.   


   When I was recently visiting a family that just lost the wife/mother and..John McCains death was announced.   A recent High School grad filled in the details of his recent "I am stopping the meds" situation.    For a distracted , supposedly un-involved student, she was very much in tune with what was going on in the world while simultaneously grieving the loss of her mother.   

PRO-LIFE is Affordable Healthcare for ALL .
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On this one I am going to have to blame our school system but failing to teach our children how to think

Now, it has become even worse with technology. they don't have to think simply open up a computer and voila!!!   the answer is there.

We even have that problem  with Doctors, They have ceased to diagnose, thy simply tell you take a test. and then make a guess depending on what they see or think they see.

Unfortunately that mentality has permeated everywhere.  I am still waiting for an Oscar to be given to a picture that has no dialogue but only action.
Our own television programming has also remind us how little we need to think and evaluate when we see any programing. No wonder Survivor  has lasted for so many years.
So I come to my ow personal reasoning as to why we have descended in this Rep[ublic to the State that we know have.

Why bother to take the time to evaluate, research and study any candidate? After all is not our problem.
The lack of thought that we now see, has a direct bearing on the problems that we now face. Yes, we have become smaller that we used to be. 
We really need to think hard and really try  try hard to make America great again. Because we obvious  have forgotten who we where.

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