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THE SETUP as planned is working

Trump and GOP allies say new Supreme Court justice may be needed to decide the election


donald's plan is set in place.  He's going to need attention from the Supremes.  He's counting on it, always has.  He (just) can't commit to accepting results so hey, they're gonna have to make that call FOR him.  This of course will take time.  can you believe it!!  yes you can

RBG's death must have seemed like a sign from heaven, just for him.

I believe he'll soon know that is not the case.  Too bad he doesn't scratch his head more often - if ever.  His plan has failure written all over it.  He forgot his reading glasses again.

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msnbc Fgures!
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@KidBoy2 wrote:
msnbc Fgures!

Trump has made that claim. Do you believe him?

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If we are lucky and get a big fat blue psunami, and the election isn't close Trump won't have any legs to stand on. The outcome won't be in doubt, but if its close then we get this possible worst case scenario. So VOTE! Like your life depends on it because it just may!
Biden/Harris 2020
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that is THE plan. Surprise!!! Not at all. Recall Gore Vs Bush?? Here we could go again!!!
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@Tom5678 wrote:
that is THE plan. Surprise!!! Not at all. Recall Gore Vs Bush?? Here we could go again!!!

At that time the Court itself was not in transition prior to or after that election.

rumptured is intent on being his being a Constitutional Crisis.


The best outcome is President Biden fills the Court's vacancy ~ and rumskull takes his complaints to the Biden Administration's Election Commission.  I don't think though they will set him up with a dedicated fraud finding 'group' like he formed for himself.  They worked 8 months and found zip.  Anyway, post presidency, thralump will run out of money and disappear himself.  It will all be a bad memory we'll overcome.

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