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We need to examine  not only the surface  of what is happening,  but also the underlying causes that are around us.
 All that is happening is not just  the Black  Lives  Matter  movement, but    it is     this pandemic, the loss of jobs, the economy this failed Administration,  the  erosion of our institutions.
We are becoming a country of oppressed people.
We feel oppressed by this pandemic and the   causes that we have seen in our society.
We feel oppressed and frustrated because  40 million Americans are without a job and don't know what the future holds.
We feel oppressed because our economy is now  on   the verge of a  depression
We feel oppresses because our institutions  are not holding on as we thought they would.
We feel oppressed because we are now facing the fact that we do have serious  problem  with race.    and the country that always thought  as being the melting pot of the world. now that melting pot is being seen as a matter of shame.
We  feel oppressed,  because, this Administration has failed us in too many ways. and for the first time   in our  history, we find  ourselves   with a President     that we cannot trust.

As human beings that we all are. when    this oppression reaches the height that is reaching.   we as human  being will react.
I am  concerned about that reaction. and I can see the signs of that reaction. I hope, that we  can control   frustration that this country is feeling in order to preserve  this society.

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