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Americans should be alarmed by the onset and potential onslaught of Covid-19. But let's acknowledge that last year, approximately 40,000 people in the U.S. died from the seasonal flu. If the government had vigorously stressed the importance of getting flu shots (only half of adults in this country did so) coupled with frequent hand washing and social distancing during the winter, multitudes of lives could have been saved.  Why is it that we take it for granted that so many of us will routinely perish from the common flu? Sure, Covid-19 so far has a ten times higher mortality rate than seasonal flu, but it has of yet affected only a fraction of our populace. Let's be vigilant regardless of whatever kind of flu flourishes in America.


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On the other hand, the "other" flu strains we have vaccines to treat. We have some immunity having been exposed to them over the decades. We understand how long an infected droplet of moisture on a hard surface will retain its ability to infect. We have none of that with the coronavirus. 


We don't know the mortality but it appears to be in the 2-3% range and is highly contagious.  We aren't sure how contagious but could be experiencing millions of deaths. 


We do know that the virus has swamped hospitals in other countries and now it is just beginning its spread in America. We don't know how far because of the lack of testing kits.  The projections at the moment is that the peak will hit sometime after Easter. We also know that we will continue to hospitalize patients at the same rate as last year for flu and pneumonia so this is in addition to the normal drain on our medical system.  We know there are zero hospitals with excess capacity "just in case" which is why you are seeing elective surgeries postponed.  I have a friend who will probably go blind because her surgery has been postponed.  I guess that is collateral damage. 

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I just found this post dating a few years back. I think it is still relevant today.


Discipline, You Have to be Kidding!

People in general don't bother to take care of themselves, whether it is their driving, eating, drinking, or drugging habits. So why expect people to follow rules to protect themselves and others from the flu? All that it requires is self-discipline, a virtue sorely lacking in our exhibitionistic society. Some of us are so enamored of our risky behavior that even if we destroy ourselves, we think it was worth it. We contribute to our own needless deaths, making the death toll on 9/11 just a drop of blood in the bloodbath that we ourselves perpetrate and perpetuate.

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I didn't know there were that many that died from the flu last year. I did know 18000 have died so far  this flu season. The wuhan/corona virus may be more virulent, but hopefully treatment and a vacine will minimize the deaths. Thank you for the information and for being a sane observer of what is happening with a very serious virus!

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