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I wasn’t around then, but ever since Joe Arpaio and Trump’s pardon of him, I see that Trump supporters seem to only want the Constitution to apply if it maintains and strengthens white Christian male supremacy. 

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All of us that were in this message board duing the Obama years, still remember how posters would remind many   almost every day about the CONSTITUTION.
I am amazed that since this Presidnet has taken power, the word  CONSTITUTION   has seem to have dissapear from this message board.

Perhaps because it doesn't exist any longer?  Perhaps it is not followed any more?  I wonder what has made posters all of a sudden keep quiet about the CONSTITUTION.

Lately we have seen Trumps policies, accusing the Dept of Justice bor indiciting his buddies so near election time. As if crimes had a grace period
Where is the CONSTITUTION?   I thought that the Justice Dpt. was not a branch of the Executive power and had complete independence but I guess I am mistaken.
Now, if you are the President. only the people that you don't like can be indicted.   and if you are indicted and found guilty,  don't worry, He will pardon them.

The Republican in Congress better be afraid, where do they think they will go after all of this is over?
Are they so afraid of what could happen to them that they cling to a very thin thread that all of this will survive and pray every day that it does?
Look at the power that this  man had over his followers,
We just saw the incredible position that many Republican or so called Republicans in this message board took when McCain died.  Not one of them had the courage to say one kind word about a man that has shown to be not only a hero but a true American. 
I wonder if they did it in private   and felt rebellious because I reminded them.
Again where is the Constitution?  what has happen to the Constitution?

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