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Re: Supporters and opposers of Syria strikes

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Opposition to Der Trumper's $50Million tantrum must not be confused with support for Assad.


When this happened before, President Obama used DIPLOMACY to eliminate all Syria's stockpile of chemical weapons without firing a single shot or endangering a single US Troop. The UN inspectors verified all chemical weapon production and R&D facilities ahd been destroyed, and all the chemical weapon stockpile had been turned over for destruction, much of this done on board specially equipt US Naval vessels.


Chlorine gas in NOT considered a "chemical weapon" mostly because it is used to purify drinking water and since all you need to produce it is to pass an electrical current through salt water, attempting to eliminate a Nation's "production facilities" is a fool's errand.


The incident causing all the outrage was a group of Syrian Rebels hold-up in a civilian neighborhood and refusing to leave. Syria dropped a 55-gal drum of chlorine gas "detonated" with a small explosive charge, the gas penetrated the Rebel fortification and killed a number of civilians, and the Rebels agreed to leave the area. Previously, Syria had been attacking the Rebels with High Explosive artillery, bombs and rockets which may have killed even more civilians.


After giving the Syrians plenty of time to remove all their military assets to "safe" (Russian) bases, Der Trumper blew some stuff up accomplishing nothing except inhancing the profits whor the Death Merchants who will replace the munitions used in the attack, and killinga few more Syrians.


Killing people with Chlorine gas is a War Crime and the ones who did it SHOULD be punished, but that is NOT what Der Trumper did and no amount of Fox-bot spin will alter that fact.

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Supporters and opposers of Syria strikes

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It seems that the US-led Syria airstrikes were supported by EU, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Canada, and obviously, by US, UK and France, who conducted the strikes.
The opposers were Russia, Iran, Iraq and China, who say it was an "act of aggression" or a "violation of international law". I... just don't understand. How can those nations back the Syrian government, which attacks it's people with chemical weapons? There are lost lives... how can they be so inhuman? Doesn't the Syrian government care they are seen as monsters, not human beings? Because you can't carry on a massacre like that and still be called a "person". Why are there people who support such a behaviour?
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