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Some men feel emasculated when wearing masks.

Of course they do.  I should have known.   Reminds me of certain groups of men who feel they must walk around armed to the teeth because they feel so threatened by......something.  Still not sure what.  


"Why the reluctance to model safe behavior? My research with Jennifer Berdahl and others suggest one critical reason, which is that appearing to play it safe contradicts a core principle of masculinity: show no weakness. In short, wearing a mask emasculates.


The refusal to wear a mask undermines the message that the rest of us should take safety precautions. But that’s the least of the problem. Leaders who are more concerned with preserving a macho public image put our lives at risk as they prove their manhood by showing resistance to experts’ opinions, hypersensitivity to criticism and constant feuding with anyone who seems to disagree with them.


In our research, the show-no-weakness principle manifests by acting like you always know the answer. Admitting uncertainty or that you rely on anyone else’s opinion seems “weak.” Trump’s resistance to experts’ advice stems from a constant need to demonstrate that “I alone can fix it.”

Further, showing no weakness goes hand in hand with another masculinity norm: everything is a dog-eat-dog competition. For leaders like Trump, each situation is a personal masculinity contest that he “wins” and others must “lose.” Admitting a past mistake or receiving criticism are intolerable. Scores must be settled with anyone who fails to pump up the leader’s ego. For example, in the current crisis critical supplies are more likely to be delivered to states where governors fawn over rather than criticize Trump.


In addition to poor decision-making, our research shows that masculinity-obsessed leaders create dysfunctional organizations that fall apart when times get tough. The leader’s need to seem infallible and defensiveness create a Game of Thrones environment where subordinates constantly compete to curry the leaders’ favor. When everyone is looking out for number one, it becomes unlikely that they will all pull together effectively when a crisis hits."


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Maybe  some men.feel emasculated wearing masks.   


But I played golf this morning.........first time courses been open in my town  since March 11th.  


Everyone wore a  mask  near and around the clubhouse...(.men in included.)      All the men wore masks that were working there.   

There was a window where you paid your fees so you never had to go indoors.    


I had a cart I saw sprayed down with disinfectant and we had to ride alone which I like anyway.  You don't have to touch the flagpole cause they have it arranged you don't have to and be able to putt.......hard to explain so I won't.  


You didn't have to wear the masks on the course and the 3 gals I played with kept their distance from one another all the time.    .   

I wiped my clubs down with alcohol I carried with me after playing---my hands...door of my car  etc.    


I don't know how long we'll have to live like this but I'm used to it now and JUST DO IT.       



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When we are shopping at supermarkets we see as many women as men who are not wearing masks.  Many businesses are just now enforcing a mask policy for employees.

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On the cover of my Police Magazine this month...


Not scared to wear a fact, police are clamoring for them.




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Agreed, @ChasKy53 .    I saw a guy in Target last week, with the mask just barely covering his chin.  Nose and mouth completely exposed.  My guess is his wife or somebody made him wear it and he's protesting.  So completely self-centered....

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I have been wearing a mask during flu seasons for around 6 years now, I have been wearing one most of the time when I go to crowded places since last fall. Men who feel emasculated by wearing a mask are insecure with their masculinity to begin with, IMO.

Man learns from history that man learns nothing from history.
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@ManicProgressive  wrote:


Guess who else?

Goggles, huh?  OK, I can't even begin to figure that one out. 🤓  I'm speechless.


Looks like the only ones practicing social distancing were the Secret Service guys.

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They should be reminded that some in the old west wore masks as they went about their ‘job’. Since many of them like to play games to show how tough they are maybe they can be convinced that they would look tougher wearing masks while playing their games.


As far as Pence, just tell him that ‘Mother’ said that he must wear a mask to protect him from those other women.

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Real patriots and leaders wear masks.


See France’s Macron makes mask-wearing an act of national pride

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Real men wear masks.
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I only feel emasculated when my girlfriend beats me at Jeopardy. Then I have to make her tea. I can't stand tea.












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Being of an age where my wife and friends are all seniors, I would feel pretty emasculated sitting beside their ventilator watching them die and knowing I had caused it. 


It's now all about YOU bunky. 

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Some men feel emasculated when wearing masks


I've been wearing a mask around other people for months,  now a lot of people are.




I don't follow fads, I make them.

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I wish I could quote, but yes! 

The masks help keep others safe. To me that signifies a man is taking care of his fellow Americans. That’s a leadership role, a protector role, a mature adult role. 

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