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Some California Democratic Legislators and Governor at Odds Over Illegal Immigrants

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KHN 05/08/2019 - A Plan To Cover Immigrants Would Divert Public Health Dollars


from the link ~

California Gov. Gavin Newsom wants the state to provide health coverage to low-income young adults who are in the country illegally, but his plan would siphon public health dollars from several counties battling surging rates of sexually transmitted diseases and, in some cases, measles outbreaks.


A noble cause but one that would have dire consequences to core public health services for some of the counties -


California already allows eligible immigrant children up to age 19 to participate in Medi-Cal, the state’s Medicaid program for low-income residents, regardless of their immigration status.   The current budget sets aside $365.2 million to pay for the coverage.


In his 2019-20 budget plan, ( Governor) Newsom proposes expanding eligibility to unauthorized ( That means ILLEGAL in California speak) young adult immigrants from age 19 through 25.


His office estimates it would cost nearly $260 million to cover them in 2019-20. While state and federal governments usually share Medicaid costs, California would have to bear the full cost of covering this population.


To help pay for it, Newsom proposes to redirect about $63 million in state funds from 39 counties, arguing they would no longer need to provide health benefits to low-income young adults covered by the state.


“As the state takes on responsibility for providing health care to undocumented adults, counties’ costs and responsibilities on indigent health care are expected to decrease,” Jenny Nguyen, a budget analyst at the state Department of Finance, told lawmakers at a recent legislative hearing.


But four counties — Placer, Sacramento, Santa Barbara and Stanislaus — would take big and immediate hits to their public health budgets, officials say.


The amount of money the governor wants to divert from them to cover unauthorized immigrants under Medi-Cal is far more than the counties now spend on comprehensive health services for those immigrants, local health officials said.


According to the local officials, losing those funds would force the county to close down some of their needed services to resident citizens.


Sounds like they have a dilemma of which there isn't much wiggle room with the money.


more at the above link ~

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