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Re: Sending immigrants to sanctuary cities: costlly & illegal

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Right now, I don't believe dt's hot air would make it though legal challenges.  To date, federal courts have ruled his policy moves were illegal 65 times.


However, last week in his visit to Calexico he told border patrol agents to break the law.  Just tell any judge, "Sorry, we don't have room".  The agent's leaders told them, you have to follow the law, doing what the president asks would be taking on a personal liability.


Legal or not, I would not put it past dt to enforce his will, using his fake National Emergency, in getting illegals removed to sanctuary cities and further enforcing his will on local municipalities to accommodate them or begin arresting the arrivals, caring for them in their own detention facilities.  I know that seems extreme but dt is extreme and also mad.  I don't see how the current chaos will find any good outcome.




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Sending immigrants to sanctuary cities: costlly & illegal

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The term "Sanctuary City" has been coined by the right. It refers to any city which exercises its right not to cooperate with the Federal government in the enforcement of Federal laws the city deems to be against the interest of its citizens. The Federal governments inability to force cooperation came as a ruling by the SCOTUS concerning the rounding up and returning of escaped slaves in "free" states.  Much as Trump and friends would like you to believe these are some kind of rogue municipal governments, they simply refuse to participate in the incompetence ruled by the Trump administration. 



The plan — which Trump tweeted Friday is under “strong consideration” — would have the Department of Homeland Security moving migrants from detention centers to cities scattered across the country in vans, buses and airplanes. It would require a massive investment in transportation infrastructure, something that Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials told the White House would be “an unnecessary operational burden.”

It also would mean placing those detainees in cities that limit their cooperation with federal immigration enforcement, meaning it could be very difficult to arrest them again.

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