Honored Social Butterfly

Sarah is cash strapped.

   Oh my, Sarah Palin is using the NYT over an op-ed from 2011 from which there was a retraction posted a couple of days after it was posted. 


    So what is an ex-half Gov. supposed to do.   She was a VP nominee - that lost.    She had a TV program the was cancelled after one season.   She attempted to relocate to **bleep** - failed.   She hopelessly flounder on the Trump she is back in Wazilla wondering what happened.   

     Then the evangelical side of her small brain kicked in...find something to bring her back to the headlines...for a she says she is suing.     giggle/ guffaw



PRO-LIFE is Affordable Healthcare for ALL .
Honored Social Butterfly

Once again Sarah Failin didn't think it thru - IF this came to trial, all the defense needs t odo is to have someone track the internet use of potential jurors, reject those who click on alt-Right anything, and Sister Sarah hasn't got a prayer.

Honored Social Butterfly

 Maybe little Sarah shouldn't have quit her job when she represented Alaska???

In all honesty, maybe we should've seen Trump coming. After all, Sarah was in the first wave of **bleep**s who ran for a presidential position (obviously in her case vice-pres). **bleep** trump was in the second wave, and those  seemingly not smart enough to see what a bullet was dodged with regard to Palin, voted in the second wave of **bleep**s--trump and fellow swamp dwellers.

Gee, I miss having a real President!!
Honored Social Butterfly

The only political candidate in my life time just as stupid as trump is Palin. People are still laughing at her, as they will her male counterpart--stupid little donnie trump.  Heck, even her litigious nature is like trump's.

Gee, I miss having a real President!!
Honored Social Butterfly

Sarah is cash strapped ....


Intellectually as well ....

Honored Social Butterfly

WHen the incident in question occurred, my wife and I saw it on the tube. There is nutella herself, putting **bleep**
So it begins.
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