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As i have posted before, how can a  jury be instructed to vote without a standard of evidence?

You cant have an impartial jury with people voting on thier party for an outcome pre determinded.


We have got to go by something.  They are just making this up as it goes along.


This is not a criminal trial, it is the determination of removal from office of an executive who violated the Constituton. Its not life, limb and liberty and jail. The  penalty is removal from office. 


It,s preponderance of evidence, not beyond reasonable doubt as trumps lawyer stated. 

We cant have the prosecution nor the defense set the standard of evidence. 


Trump is guilty of what he is being accused and his actions violated the integrity of the Office of the Executive, clearly. Dershowitz's current argument is ridiculous and dangerous. The all-out struggle to deny Bolton as a witness is telling of just how corrupt Donald Trump and his administration (and now his Republican defenders) are. His presidency is a travesty. 

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