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SOMEWHERE there is a secret sprawling system of govt storage secret the American people can't be told where they are or what is in them.

The stockpile program was created in 1999 under President Bill Clinton. 

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Yep, and said secret stockpile is "short" 17.6 TONS of life saving supplies because donny ordered it sent to his BFF Xi in China, BECAUSE TOAD DID NOT THINK WE'D NEED IT! He was TOLD that was NOT TRUE, but believing the fantasy kept his numbers lookin' good, so that is what Toad acted on.


Taiwan ACTED in January when they learned how bad the disease was and their cases are 108 infections and ONE death. that's what LEADERSHIP with a brain can do. Our intelligence services knew what Taiwan did and told the ToadPOTUS in mid January.


But instead of Leadership and Brains we've got a psychpathic moron who has done NOTHING except brag about what a great job he's (not) doing so we have 245,442 infections and 6,098 DEATHS and we're nowhere near to top of the curve Toad and the GOPerGovs have insured will continue straight up for another month.

Honored Social Butterfly

   TIL:  the nonsense that the RW read and believe.   As has been pointed out by a few remaining real Republicans,  sites that are often copied and pasted here in their entirety or near entirety are no longer anything better than Jones bs.      They are pandering to the "truthers" and have embraced the RW nonsense, especially those who are benefiting, aka the Evangelicals, who have been given the right by RED State Gov. to continue to infect people with their venegence and hate, at a profit for sure.


    Each time these evangelicals hold a meeting at their mega (or small) gathering sites, they are extending the pandemic that many sane people in the US are attempting to avoid and/or save the lives of those who become sick because of their attendance.   


    The secret stockpile had better include lots of caskets

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