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SCIENTISTS: Covid-19 Was NOT Created in a Lab

On Sunday May 10th, 60 Minutes interviewed scientists reference the Covid-19 Virus. Despite the non-stop conspiracy theories from Trump World, alleging the virus came from a Chinese Lab, scientists totally debunked that theory. 


One scientist said there is ZERO chance the virus came from a lab. 


Another scientist, who studied the genetic make up of the virus, said the virus did NOT originate in a lab. If that was true, she would have found specific genetic markers.. She instead discovered a genetic structure which has the same pattern as every virus transmitted from animals to humans. 


The above is an example of what happens when you remove politics from the equation and rely strictly on SCIENCE. Unfortunately, we know Trump Cult members will not accept the science because it contradicts what Fox and Trump are telling them.

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What a difference between reading/listening to SCIENTISTS, versus the bogus propaganda and lies coming from FOX and Trump.

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Our Intelligence Agencies also balked at Trump's belief.


But Trump's gross incompetence prohibits him from believing anything from an intelligent source .... whether it be from scientists or his own "Intelligence" Agencies!


Bur Trump, however

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I'm reading Pale Rider now by Laura Spinney.  It was published in 2017 I think, and it's about the Spanish Flu.  It offers an overview of how viruses are created and mutate, and how they are transmitted.  What's needed for transmission, what types of viruses wipe us out so badly and why, and how they spread so far and wide.  The ones from animals are the most dangerous because we haven't built up any type of immunity to something that's only lived in birds, for example.  

It's part of the reason European colonizers overwhelmed native populations here with disease.  Apparently these types of viruses don't migrate much from animals to humans in hunter gatherer societies.  They need farms for that.  When humans started farming, that's when all hell broke loose as far as epidemics are concerned.  Anyway, just the little overview it offers makes it easy to understand why this comes from an animal and not a lab.  I encourage folks to read it.   Very interesting.  



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Now the regressives are arguing that this was caused by somebody in Yunan province eating a bat....................None of them seem to be talking about how incompetent the Trump administration has been in dealing with this.  "No responsibility Trump" they call him now.  I cannot WAIT until November. 

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They interviewed person 1 from the NY outbreak on TV this morning. He lived in a suburb of NYC. He was a 50 year old lawyer. He had not traveled to China or out of country. At this point they seem to have no idea where he got it.

They interviewed person 1 from France. It was an adult male who got it early Feb. which means he was infected in Jan. He had not traveled to China. At this point they have no idea where he got it.

The first person they treated for the virus in the SFO area was a women in early Feb. which means she got it in late Jan, or beginning of Feb. She had not traveled to China, but planes with cruise ship passengers from Japan landed at a USAF Base near where she lived.

I have a feeling there is more to this story than we know right now so stay tuned. We might find the virus some how came from a place other than China. I would say right now anything could be possible. Lets hope our best people are working on this, and nothing they come up with has to pass through the WH to be doctored before release. I hope there are experts out side the US govt working on this so we get the truth.

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   Weirdly, like most people in the USA and beyond,  I believe the scientists, not the quackery from the RW.   

    It is obvious that those who continually say otherwise are glued to 1 of 2 factoid TV networks.

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But Trump says it did and he knows more than all the scientists, doctors and generals combined. He will very willingly tell you so if you don’t believe him.

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