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Re: Russians Have Been UNDERMINING Western Elections for DECADES

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Russians Have Been UNDERMINING Western Elections for DECADES

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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo threw more cold-water on the left’s full-fledged meltdown surrounding President Trump’s historic Helsinki summit Friday, saying the Russian government has attempted to “undermine democracy” for decades.


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Pompeo was speaking with Fox News when he called-out partisan lawmakers for “confusing” the American public over Russia’s long history of election meddling.


“This administration has been strong in supporting the Ukrainians, strong in making sure we protect against Russian expansion into other parts of the world,” said Pompeo.


“Somehow America seems to forget the history of Russia’s efforts to undermine western democracies for decades now. It gets confused because there are those who want to make a partisan case out of this,” he added.




The dems bumper stickers are all they have...  Their playbook is so old and tired it is actually predictable.  Blue wave in 2018?  Hardly...  It's the economy, not a Russian behind every tree.





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