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Re: Roy Moore's Problem

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Looks like additional problems for Roy Moore. Three Alabama newspapers have called for him to step aside.  On the plus side. Roy does not remember ever dating a girl that young without permission from her mother (WHAT????)



An editorial published by three of Alabama’s largest newspapers on Monday called Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore “grossly unfit for office” in the wake of allegations that he initiated sexual encounters with girls as young as 14 when he was in his 30s.

“Roy Moore simply cannot be a U.S. Senator. Even if his party and many of its adherents still think it possible, it is unthinkable -- for his state, and his country,” the editorial board, which feeds newspapers in Birmingham, Mobile and Huntsville, wrote. "Proof beyond a reasonable doubt is a consideration for the courtroom, not the ballot box. When choosing our representative before the rest of the world, character matters.”

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Treasured Social Butterfly

Roy Moore's Problem

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Roy Moore has a serious problem. He has 5 (now) women who have come forward to claim he molested them when they were under the Alabama age of consent. The details of their story match official records such as being in courthouses at the times they claimed.  The five women have 35 other people who have corroborated the details of their stories.  The original women (I can't speak for the last two) were registered Republicans and did not come forward but were discovered as Washinton Post researched the rumors about Roy's activities with minors. There is so much substanciated evidence that the junior Senators who endorsed Moore in the primary are calling for him to step aside.


So Roy Moore's problem is that he appears to be lying though his teeth. If he did not do these heinous things, he needs to make a bold move.  He should demand a public investigation of the claims by trained investigators supervised by a bipartisan committee or group. He should also follow through on his threat to sue the Washington Post for libel.


Of course, if he does none of those things and simply rails at False News, it will be a very suspicious approach.

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