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Re: Republican Spin Machine

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According to the local news around the Metro, there was a 44% voter turnout yesterday in District 6.


Last w/e and on Monday, Ossoff was running commercials nonstop, even back to back.


He sounds very much like a Blue Dog Democrat, guess we will see if that changes any this next time around.


And of course, some people in the District are a little ticked off that he doesn't live within the District lines.  Yes, he did grow up in the northern part of the district but it is a big district so that means little to those in another area.


I think HRC did pretty well in this district in 2016 - Trump did win it but not by much.  As with many areas in and around Atlanta, people move in, people move out and sometimes the tide does change - maybe just for awhile or maybe longer.


Is Karen Handel a strong candidate ?  At one time she was - but now I don't know.


Personally, I wonder if Jon Ossoff is actually more liberal than what his commercials indicate and if the Dems have determined that perhaps a more traditional southern style democrat might be the way to go or if he is really the way he sounds and perhaps more liberal democrats think they can turn him.


Guess we are back to the way elections go, at least at the Congressional District level - may the best man/woman win - the one that gets the most votes from the constituents.


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Re: Republican Spin Machine

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Reality.    Ossoff got 48.2% of votes cast.  There were no identified independents.  The balance of votes must have been for Republican Candidates and that would be 51.8% of votes cast. Ossoff must get  50% + 1 vote over the next Republican who polled about 20% of votes cast. So....unless something changes between now and Runoff time, Ossoff has to make inroads into the Republican ranks OR get more people out to vote, which might be independents that stayed home in the Primary.


Once more around the block........There have to be more Democrats making it to the polls, Some Republicans have to cross over, Independents have to turn out AND vote for Ossoff in order for him to win.  Same old, same old.  Sit on your hands and you get what you get.

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Re: Republican Spin Machine

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Both sides are calling this a win. The Repubs because this now forces a run off. The Dems because this was really, really close.  But, in a very red state, some, more realistic republican leaders (lyndsey Graham for one), is calling this a wake up call.

Gee, I miss having a real President!!
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Re: Republican Spin Machine

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Not to worry-Republicans had a crowded field in a Republican District against a Democrat with little experience and who dosen`t even live in the district  fueled by outside money(8 million dollars).

Democrat Jon Ossoff would fall short of the 50 percent needed to win outright in the crowded 18-way all-party primary, the Associated Press projected early Wednesday. Ossoff, a 30-year-old documentary filmmaker and former congressional staffer, instead will face off against Republican and former Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel on June 20. Guesss the Dems have to cling to some hope after so many losses.


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Republican Spin Machine

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   Apparently many of the Right Wing spinner seem to believe that a candidate receiving 48% of the vote in a Primary election is a loser?     The closest candidate by percent of votes garmered received 20% of the vote.   


    Don't be deceived- one of the reasons that the top candidate did not receive more votes could be because all of a sudden there was a flurry of malfunctioning voter machines OR gerrymandering.    For some who are routinely perplexed by this process:  



Georgia’s Republican state Senator Fran Millar. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Millar recently let the racist cat out of the bag:

At a GOP breakfast on the district’s eastern DeKalb outskirts, state Sen. Fran Millar criticized Democrats who think it’s a “done deal that this kid’s going to become the Congressman.”

“I’ll be very blunt: These lines were not drawn to get Hank Johnson’s protégé to be my representative. And you didn’t hear that,” said Millar. “They were not drawn for that purpose, OK? They were not drawn for that purpose.”

Millar’s reference to Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA), who is Black, is not very subtle. Such an admission would likely prompt a federal civil rights investigation, if the Department of Justice were not under the control of the blatantly racist Jeff Sessions,




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