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Re: Republican SCOTUS Strips Congress of the Power of The Purse

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Unbelievable...of course, they have okayed dark money in our elections, and struck down voting rights. This just amplifies my priority belief that we keep the House, and regain the Senate...The Presidency at this point would be a bonus, and I do hope that Biden is elected. But currently, the any real power of opposition, to barr, and the SC lies within having control of both seats of Congress...get the trump repubs out!

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Honored Social Butterfly

Republican SCOTUS Strips Congress of the Power of The Purse

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The Fascist Five again ruled that ToadPOTUS can, by saying something is an emergency, re-appropriate funds already designated by Congress and move them to  something Congress had specifically forbidden him to do, namely build his $2.5Billion Wall using funds Congress provided for Military Housing.


First thing the new Congress needs to do is IMPEACH all the Fascists who voted to deprive congress of their Constitutional authority to decide what the Government will spend money on and hand that authority over to the Executive Branch.


I do hope the military families who are living in sub-standard quarters on base or who cannot get base housing because there's not enough available will remember who nominated and confirmed the scumsuckers who did this to them when they go to vote in November.

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