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Republican Majority's Last Act Government Shut-down

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So they've had 2 years controlling the Entire US Government - & they've got 2 Major Accomplishments to Show for it - Supreme Court Picks & Tax Break for the Wealthy


But the GOP Controlled Congress & the GOP President can't do any of the Basic Stuff the rest of us have to do everyday


Make a Budget - Pay our Bill


The Republican Majority's Last Act: A Government Shutdown


With hours to go before a midnight deadline, no agreement between congressional leaders and President Trump was in sight.


The federal government on Friday evening stood on the verge of its second partial shutdown of the year, as congressional leaders and the White House scrambled to reopen negotiations hours before a midnight deadline. The talks represent the final act of unified Republican control in Washington—and a bookend to showdowns of years past over federal spending and immigration.


With President Donald Trump dug in on funding for a southern border wall, a shutdown of the nine federal departments Congress hasn’t already funded for 2019 appeared inevitable for most of the day.


The Senate sat paralyzed for nearly five hours at one point, as Republicans were unable to muster the votes even to consider—let alone pass—a House spending package that included $5.7 billion in funding for the wall.


By 6 p.m. eastern time, the best the Senate could do was to agree merely on the scope of 11th-hour negotiations, which would include leaders of both parties and the White House. The goal was a broad agreement that would fund most government agencies for all of 2019 while settling the dispute over border security that has driven the two parties apart.



“There is no path forward for the House bill,” Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona, the retiring Republican and Trump critic, declared on the Senate floor. “The only path forward is to a bill that has an agreement between the president and both houses of Congress. And the next time we vote will be on the agreement, not another test vote.”


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( " China if You're Listening - Get Trumps Tax Returns " )

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