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Re: Remember When

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He has certainly embarrassed Melania hasn’t he. Sad part is he probably doesn’t care...she’s just another person for him to use.  


True character shows itself thru actions

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Re: Remember When

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Or Sean Hannitty , while he eats his Happy Meal and Diet Coke alone in bed.

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Re: Remember When

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gruffstuff:  he doesn’t read his daily intelligence briefing



Maybe it should be delivered to Steve Doocy to read live on Fox & Friends?

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Remember When

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Remember When Mishandling Classified Info Was the Worst Thing Possible in 2016?

Now it's standard procedure in the White House.


It was a great week for people to pretend to be astonished that there is a downside to electing a vulgar talking yam to the presidency simply because people liked how vulgarly he talked. On Friday, he managed to make the Rob Porter situation worse while everyone else was stunned at the fact that he doesn’t read his daily intelligence briefing. (That’s a lot of maladministration in one morning, let alone a single sentence.) But, this, from The Washington Post, smacked the ol’ gob into the cheap seats.


Dozens of White House employees are awaiting permanent security clearances and have been working for months with temporary approvals to handle sensitive information while the FBI continues to probe their backgrounds, according to U.S. officials. People familiar with the security-clearance process said one of those White House officials with an interim approval is Jared Kushner — the president’s son-in-law and one of his most influential advisers.

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