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Racist Qanon follower wins Georgia GOP runoff

Marjorie Greene who has faced condemnation from GOP House leaders for creating racist Facebook videos and embracing Qanon conspiracy theories has won a runoff in Georgia's 14th Congressional District.


Greene has also come under scrutiny for her support for QAnon, the far-right conspiracy movement that, among other baseless beliefs, has promoted the fiction that President Donald Trump is working to dismantle a “deep state” cabal of Satan-loving and pedophilic liberal elites.

Greene is one of several GOP congressional candidates who has expressed support for QAnon’s fringe theories. Though many of them are considered long-shot candidates, Greene is expected to win in November.


She sounds a lot like my own Matt Shea who recently stepped down after heavy criticism over comments he has made about his far right views.


Qanon racist wins in Georgia. 

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She fits in perfectly with the ALL WHITE REPUBLICAN PARTY led by Trump.

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Just for the record, does anyone know what else Qanon stands for: I “have heard” that they ascribe to the Hillary,

pizzagate scenario where children are being held as sex slaves, and they believe that far left liberals eat babies...

that belief alone would disqualify them from any rational thought. 
Not surprised about the evangelical connection. And it does sound like they are racist white supremists. 

Anyone know more? I’m getting the impression that we may want to learn about they are sounding like a threat to normal society. 

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William, they are far right fringe, and potential trouble from what I have read about them. Don't know where the Q comes from, maybe some members possibly on here can enlighten us.
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This is the kind of kook that tRump openly supports.  Anyone surprised ?

Man learns from history that man learns nothing from history.
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One thing all should keep in mind. Most people in Qanon are Evg. Christians. Now connect the dots. Right now you will find most Evg. Christian TV preachers on TV preaching non stop that followers support Trump. I watched Ralph Redd the other night spend a lot of time giving the Trump line and saying all Evg. must vote for him. Ralph said 80% voted for him in 2016, and it will be higher this time.

The Evg. leaders are trying to turn this in to a crusade so all their beliefs become law through Dictator Trump. 

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going to be interesting to see how these anti-mask/anti-science fruitbars do in the election after their politicizing of common sense kills another 80,000 Americans.

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Tom, she's another example of who makes up the ALL WHITE REPUBLICAN PARTY led by Donald Trump.

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Make America White Again: Trump/Pence 2020.
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Aww... look.  She even got a shout-out.




Of course she did.  Look who's it from.  🤡 

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Sure Pandemic Donald is secretly a Qanon too.
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@Tom5678 wrote:
Sure Pandemic Donald is secretly a Qanon too.

He's their chairman.

Man learns from history that man learns nothing from history.
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Of course,!!!! what can you expect from the Trump followers.!!!!!! they are not happy with the amount of death and infected people in Ga.. 

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