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Re: RW voter fraud whiners were wrong

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Lets be clear. The Regrissives on the right were not worried about voter fraud.  They can read the fraud statistics as well as anyone and there is almost zero in person voter fraud.  They are interested in voter suppression.  The people who have a difficult time making several trips to get picture iDs. The people who cannot afford fees for documents. All the other ways of PREVENTING people from voting. 


That is their goal. 


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Honored Social Butterfly

RW voter fraud whiners were wrong

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There are a number of these groups that run around screaming about voter fraud, including but not limited to PILF, Judicial Watch, American Civil Rights Union and True the Vote have finally gone too far and have now been called out for lying in a legal case.


RW will have a big sad, but then, they thrive on hating anyone who dares to not support the RW candidates.


And yes, these same group of haters attempted to fuel donald's corrupt voter fraud investigation that was totally inept.   


Yes, sometimes justice does take time and now the truth is in the pudding, the RW is full of beans when it comes to Voter Fraud.     

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