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RW patriots were suckered into "protecting Gettysburg".

   This is a classic case of the RW who knee-jerk any conspiracy theory that they read about on social media.   


GETTYSBURG NATIONAL MILITARY PARK, PA. — For weeks, a mysterious figure on social media talked up plans for antifa protesters to converge on this historical site on Independence Day to burn American flags, an event that seemed at times to border on the farcical.


“Let’s get together and burn flags in protest of thugs and animals in blue,” the anonymous person behind a Facebook page called Left Behind USA wrote in mid-June. There would be antifa face paint, the person wrote, and organizers would “be giving away free small flags to children to safely throw into the fire.”

As word spread, self-proclaimed militias, bikers, skinheads and far-right groups from outside the state issued a call to action, pledging in online videos and posts to come to Gettysburg to protect the Civil War monuments and the nation’s flag from desecration. Some said they would bring firearms and use force if necessary.


On Saturday afternoon, in the hours before the flag burning was to start, they flooded in by the hundreds — heavily armed and unaware, it seemed, that the mysterious Internet poster was not who the person claimed to be."


....   They were played and there are pictures to display the image of the RW so-called patriots.     Apparently, they never heard of due diligence - because it was hyped by RW conspiracy theory website Gateway Pundit and apparently that was good enough for them.



PRO-LIFE is Affordable Healthcare for ALL .
Honored Social Butterfly

More proof the Republican Base can be made to believe any "comfortable lie" the GOPerLords concoct.  I'd say they were as easily bamboozled as the citizens of the former Soviet Union, but truth be told, today's Republican Base is MUCH more gullible - as demonstrated by the widely circulated watch words of the Soviet Citizen, translated as "there is no Tass in Pravda and no Pravda in Tass." Instead our GOPerBots simply swallow whatever their GOPerLords feed them on Fox and H8Radio (to included the internet).


Small wonder they love tRump-Toad. He lets them think THEY could be President because its obvious they're smarter and less gullible as the current ToadPOTUS.  Toad really has given Truth to the parential admonition "Anyone can grow up to be President" - even the intellectually and emotionally disadvantaged.

Honored Social Butterfly

I'm having trouble with my 13 year old distinguishing fact from conspiracy theory online.   It's sad so many adults have the same trouble. 

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