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    It is not in the Dems best interest to take any action regarding the contest between Mitt and Donald.


    Hilariously the RNC see the threat that Mitt poses and have jumped into action:    They are saying that the GOP need to change their rules to protect Donald.     HMMMM - apparently not quite as popular as some here seem to want everyone to believe.    


     The RNC committeeman representing the Virgin Islands late Tuesday emailed fellow elected members of the national party urging them to change the rules when they convene in New Mexico for their annual winter meeting later this month. Republicans are confident that Trump would hold off any primary challenger, but worry the campaign would derail his re-election.   ( WE).    stay tuned.

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It is going to be a lovely two years. Romney is going to be sniping at Trump in preparation for his attempt to primary Trump. 


The Democrats have determined that Trump cannot be trusted (see the botched attempt to put negotiations on TV) so they will act accordingly. 


The Republicans in the Senate and House have finally realized that Trump will throw them all under the bus for the smallest of advantages. I doubt they will do anything overt but count on an amazing series of events slowing down and sabotaging Trump's efforts. 


Count on the MAGA Mob to be crying about how everyone hate their little Snowflake and "for no good reason".  

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Finally we will see a Republican that has character, honesty, inegrity and that is set to deal with Trump in the Senate.

We need more Republicans not to be such weak ladies and really start thinking about their country.

Lindsey Graham is in my opinion a real disgrace.  He is so wishiy washy that I cannot even think of him as  a McCain frined.

He goes with the wind,  has lunch with Trump and all of a sudden all is well.

I wonder what John McCain thinks of this man and his behavriour these days.

Romney please bring back the morality, honesty  and integrity of the Republican Party.  I realize that many  in this message board will not agree with him but  at least this man is an honest man with character and will not cave in. 

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