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Puerto Rico, Trump/Pence Racism

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Trump administration gave orders to downplay the disaster in "LAZY" Hispanic Puerto Rico after Category FIVE Hurricane Maria hit the Island. FEMA was ordered to keep DEATH TOLL Figure low to justify less aid to Puerto Rico than White Evangelical Republican Texas and Republican Florida. Fema released a death toll of 48 which Trump parrotted repeatedly, allowing him and Pence to attack "LAZY" Puerto Rico, as Trump called them, and which was used to scale back aid to the island. It also allowed Republicans to attack San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz as "exaggerating" the crisis. 

Puerto Rico is now auditing the number of people killed by Hurricane Maria, a number which stands at over 1000. Now you see why Republicans RAISED TAXES ON PUERTO RICO IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE DISAASTER AND MASSIVELY CUT BACK AID TO THE ISLAND. 

Trump's racist comments are proof of the evil, but we already knew that. puerto rico maria hurricane.JPG

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