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Playing To The Audience ?

Of course, Joe Biden wants to win in Scranton, PA and bring back these blue collar workers to the Democratic party.  I think it is also his hometown.


Biden recently did a townhall in Scranton, PA hosted by CNN - to drive home his appeal to these voters -

CNBC 09/20/2020 - Scranton vs. Park Avenue: Biden leans into his working-class roots to draw a contr... 


I am confused by some of his answers to these citizen's questions - especially since I heard what his running mate, VP candidate, Kamala Harris said last night in the VP debate about these same issues.


Does his message change based on the crowd and who's vote he is trying to get?

Does the same thing apply to his running mate, VP candidate, Kamala Harris?

Maybe one is playing more to the center and the other one more to the left? 

So which is the REAL?


Biden also noticeably moved away from a number of issues that animate the left wing of the Democratic Party, most notably the Black Lives Matter movement and the Green New Deal. 


Biden also broke with the left flank of his party on the question of fracking, a key source of jobs in northern and western Pennsylvania.


“There is no rationale right now to eliminate fracking,” he said, adding that his proposal on climate change aims to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, and it includes a full plan to retrain drillers and miners to work in clean energy fields.


Instead of denying global warming, said Biden, he would approach it as an opportunity to embrace new industries.


f it weren’t clear enough from his answer about fracking, when the next participant asked him point blank whether he supported the Green New Deal, Biden did not say yes. Instead, he said “I’ve got my own deal.”


Overall, Biden sought to downplay the divide between the parties that Trump foments with his constant attacks on “the radical left.”


“I’m running as a Democrat, but I’m going to be everyone’s president,” he said. “I’m not going to be a Democratic president. I’m going to be America’s president.”


I take that last quote as doing what is best for the Country - So what's good for our Country? 

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Social Butterfly

That's Politics.

At least Biden isn't holding town halls in Moscow by sending in Rudy and Trumps gang of thugs.

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