Honored Social Butterfly

Over 200 dead, tRump's OSHA fines perps $29,000

For a European doctor to observe the effects of food poisoning, s/he must travel to America because this problem is virtually non-existent outside the USA. The reason is simple - Europe regulates the speed at which the animal carcass moves through the process. This allows adequate time for the workers to properly clean the meat and visually inspect it for signs of disease. In addition to preventing their product from poisoning their customers, this also drastically reduces the number of "repetitive motion" injuries to the workers.


When an infection problem is discovered, the European plant is shut down until it can be thoroughly decontaminated, which is not the case in the US,


As a result, the workers in Europe (Germany, France, UK, Spain, Italy, Ireland and The Netherlands) with over 320,000 workers in their meat processing plants, workers suffered 2,670 cases of Covid with 4 deaths while the US with 440,000 workers has 42,534 cases of Covid and 203 DEATHS.


The reason for the difference is simple - in the US, elected Republicans have protected PROFITS ahead of LIVES for generations. The last Republican to seriously work to protect America's food supply was Teddy Roosevelt who responded to the conditions exposed by Upton Sinclair in his novel The Jungle, created the FDA and added inspectors to the USDA. A current mime from the GOPerLords is to call The Jungle a TOTAL work of fiction that besmirched the good name of the "Food Barons". When it came out in 1906,  Teddy asked his Ag secretary if it was true, he replied, "Don't know, but I'll find out". He sent inspectors to the Chicago processing plants and they verified the conditions described in The Jungle as accurate.



tRump's use of rallies to kill people is just one of many ways Republican disinterest in the good of the general public has been killing Americans for generations.





Honored Social Butterfly

I don't remember you complaining about the same conditions under Obama's reign!


Say no to Joe and the BLM cult!

Honored Social Butterfly

nothappening wrote: I don't remember you complaining about the same conditions under Obama's reign!


Ever since I joined this blog I've been pointing out that our refusal to regulate the food processing industry is KILLING 9,000+ innocent Americans EVERY YEAR and all we need to do to end that senseless slaughter of the (mostly) very young and very old IS TO DO WHAT EUROPE HAS BEEN DOING FOR DECADES!


I've also pointed out that the ONLY reason it hasn't happened is REPUBLICANS IN THE SENATE FILIBUSTER THE NECESSARY CHANGE.


Unlike GOPerBots who simply regurgitate what they're told by their GOPerLords, I'm a bipartisan opponent of homicidal stupidity exercised in support of greater Corporate Profits. If it seems I'm only acting against Republicans, it's because they are almost always the ones killing us with their stupidity and greed and then lying about it.



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