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One killed, 20 wounded in Washington D.C. shooting


WASHINGTON, D.C. (Reuters) - At least three shooters opened fire during a large, unauthorized gathering of people in Washington early on Sunday, killing a teenager and wounding 20 others, including a critically injured police officer, authorities said.

The gunfire broke out during a gathering of hundreds of people in a southeast district of the nation’s capital, D.C. Metropolitan Police Chief Peter Newsham and Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser said at a press conference.

Local media called the event an “unsanctioned block party” in a residential neighborhood. Bowser said it violated the city’s coronavirus-induced ban on large public meetings of more than 50 people.

“There were certainly was too many people out there, you know, with the COVID-19,” Newsham said.

“We can’t tolerate these types of gatherings in our city during COVID-19. It’s just too dangerous,” he added.

Newsham said at least three shooters opened fire when a dispute broke out at about 12:20 a.m. EDT (0420 GMT), striking 21 people, including an off-duty police officer.

“She is struggling for her life right now at a local hospital,” Newsham said, saying the officer was among at least 11 women hurt.



Killed was Christopher Brown, 17, who was pronounced dead at a local hospital, Newsham added.

“I really don’t understand how my child’s life is just gone,” his mother Artecka Brown told Reuters.

Most of the victims were adults and, aside from the police officer, none of the injuries were considered life-threatening, Newsham said.

Bowser, wearing a face mask like Newsham, noted that people cooped up at home, as advised by medical experts to stop disease spread during the coronavirus pandemic, were starting to break rules, like those limiting the size of gatherings to allow for social distancing.

“There are cookouts that have happened peacefully for years and years that are just spinning out of control,” Bowser said.

“Sadly, several people who have no regard for human life opened fire at what had been people gathered together, enjoying themselves,” she said.




This is happening so often that this was not covered by the main stream media.


Just another night,  

Social Butterfly

I actually did see this on main stream media but yes it is definitely happening way to often and for way too long now.  I agree with some of what's being said by some,  that the crazies are feeling emboldened because of the lack of law enforcement.  Anytime you have a country where the so-called leadership (i say lack of leadership) applauds rioters (calling them peaceful protesters) for exercising their rights and then proceeds to attack the rest of us, this is what can be expected.


They're trying, and have in some areas, to defund and down size our police departments.  People are not even being arrested, let alone put in jail/prisons for crimes that just a short time ago would have kept them there for years.  Oh no, Instead the criminals are being set free for fear of them getting the virus, (how about their victims) in this crazy, insane upside down world.


It's the lack of law and order that is prevalent in our country today that is the reason for the constant murders and this insane chaos...NOT GUNS or PRESIDENT TRUMP.

You can lead a Liberal to knowledge, but you can't make'em THINK! 😞
Trump 2020!!!
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Oh wait. Reuters IS "mainstream media"


Anyway, Washington Post had several articles too. 


Honored Social Butterfly

@KidBoy2 wrote:



This is happening so often that this was not covered by the main stream media.


Just another night,  

Yes, we have been saying for years the epidemic of shootings in America is becoming just a part of daily life.  If this had been a developed country with reasonable controls on firearms, it would have been front page news because it happens so seldom. 

Honored Social Butterfly


You are trying to make a point. Were you trying to make the same point within the last 3.5 years, such as school shootings, church shootings, or the Las Vegas shooting...all during trump’s administration. And all supported by the wacko trump and crooked nra: any nut or deranged person should own a gun!

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