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Oklahoma Supreme Court says no masks required at Trump rally.

It's going to be a virus fest in Tulsa! Tulsa's Mayor has declared a civil emergency and put up a curfew around the arena where the rally is to be held. Virus cases are also surging in Oklahoma as well as many other states now.


Tulsa will be a virus fest. 

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Tom5678:  It's going to be a virus fest in Tulsa! 



I think you're correct, we're going to see Darwin in action.

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The Oklahoma Supreme Court (Judge Roy Bean presiding) just agreed that killing Sooners is good sport and not to be infringed on by no stinkin' masks.


That, and six INFECTED Toadies in the set-up crew and the unmasked 9,000 who actually attended and were herded together behind Toad to make better shots for the official cameras are going to make for a lot of mentally sick physically sick as well.


Why not? - its what they voted for.

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Are Trump's family and grandkids attending his Performance today?

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Gee, think it was a political court decision! Apparently, they felt that a person’s right to be infected was being violated! Then again...20,000 plus trump supporters in a confined space, yelling and screaming, with no masks...maybe it was a great court decision! As long as we don’t have to pay for their extended hospital care. 

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Hope the loyal followers of t, have good medical insurance, $1.1 Million was reported on news for a recently released COVID-19 Medicare patient age of 70.


Might also explain why t, hoarded all of those masks, respirators for his private stash.


For the naysayers - google or duck duck go states missing PPE’s. I’m not bothering today.





And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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So frigging what? After all of us have witnessed what has happened, why would any adult in this country question wearing a mask in a public event?

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