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Ohio's Republican governor splits from Trump; popularity soars

This is a nice article about how Ohio's Republican governor Mike DeWine has split from Trump and gone his own way as far as dealing with the coronavirus pandemic in his state. IMHO, this is how an elected official is supposed to act and govern. From the article:


For 40 years, Mike DeWine rose steadily if blandly up the ladder of Ohio politics, finally landing his dream job as governor. He took office last year as a familiar figure in the state, not because of any indelible political identify, but because, at 72, he had been around forever.


But the coronavirus crisis has made Mr. DeWine something that decades in elected offices never did: a household name. A Republican, he took early and bold actions to lock down his state, even as the head of his party, President Trump, dismissed the threat of the pandemic.


Mr. DeWine’s decisiveness — closing schools before any governor in the country, postponing the state’s March 17 primary election to protect voters — sent his popularity soaring. The folksy governor, previously best known for an annual ice cream social at his rural home, became something of a cult figure on social media. Ohioans tuned into his five-day-a-week briefings to celebrate “Wine With DeWine,” a ritual whose motto is “It’s 2 o’clock somewhere.”


Now, Mr. DeWine is charting a way out of the shutdown, taking cautious steps while facing pressure from business leaders, conservative activists and some Republican lawmakers who vociferously question the economic costs of a state in quarantine.


Seven weeks into the crisis, Mr. DeWine is being guided by health experts while avoiding partisan fissures over stay-at-home orders that have been encouraged by Mr. Trump, who hopes a rebounding economy will carry him to re-election. The Ohio governor is the rare Republican official who does not automatically fall in step with Mr. Trump, an independence he shares with two other Republican governors, Larry Hogan of Maryland and Charlie Baker of Massachusetts, both of whom lead solidly Democratic states where bipartisanship is needed to survive. Unlike them, Mr. DeWine has gone his own way in a red-hued state.


He also split decidedly with Mr. Trump by encouraging a nearly all-mail primary election on Tuesday. While the president has spread the false claim that voting by mail entails “a lot” of fraud, Mr. DeWine pushed universal absentee ballots for voters’ safety. Ohio’s secretary of state on Monday called the effort a success, with nearly 1.5 million mail ballots cast.


Mr. DeWine also relaxed stay-at-home orders on Monday, announcing that some nonessential businesses could begin to reopen, even as he imposed new restrictions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.


Beginning May 4, the governor said, manufacturers, offices and construction businesses can reopen, followed on May 12 by retail stores and service businesses. Masks will be required indoors in workplaces as well as six feet of separation. “No mask, no work, no service, no exceptions,” Mr. DeWine said.


“Mike DeWine’s performance contrasted with Trump’s performance shows you what character and experience mean,” said Sherrod Brown, Ohio’s senior senator and a Democrat. “The mini-Trump governors in Georgia, Texas and Florida, they’re going to do whatever Trump wants. But DeWine’s not going to do that. He cares about his legacy. He cares about the next generation.”


Read the entire article at this link:






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before anybody gets silly and votes for this dude, remember that if he and the other GOPers in Ohio win in November, they'll INCREASE the Gerrymanering and voter that deprives Ohioans of equal representation.


If DeWine is decent, he'll arrange for massive mail in voting and extend the time polls are open to allow ALL Citizens of his State to vote in November.


If DeWine is a true GOPer, he'll do the opposite and GOPers will AGAIN with a MINORITY of the votes. In 2018, Democratic candidates got 52% of the votes, but GOPers got 63% of the seats in the legislature.

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Of course Mike DeWine is a "career politician" who has been around since the mid 1970s. He is a household name in Ohio having served as county prosecutor, state representative, U. S. Congressman, Lieutenant Governor, U. S. Senator, Ohio Attorney General and now Ohio Governor.


His bold action early on has helped Ohio "flatten its curve" of cases and deaths. His daily press conferences at 200 PM are brief and based on facts and science not his "gut". He doesn't make outlandish statements or promises and isn't afraid to "tell it as it is".


As a result, DeWine's popularity has soared to 85% approval in the Buckeye state. Unless he appears wearing a University of Michigan sweatshirt, his popularity should stay at that level for a while. He was elected in 2018 in a good race with Richard Cordray, one of the strongest Democratic candidates in a long time. But his household name and good reputation as a level headed centrist helped him get elected.


He will be eligible for a second term as governor in 2022 and should he choose to run, he could run unopposed.


It is ironic that whatever opposition or dissatisfaction with Mike DeWine's actions has come not from Democrats, but from ultra conservative Republicans aligned with Trump. Despite Mike DeWine's popularity, don't expect him to run for President in 2024. He will be 73 years old this year and the governor's job has been the one that he has wanted all along.


I will admit that I didn't vote for him in 2018. I liked his Democratic opponent better. Richard Cordray served as Ohio's Attorney General until he was defeated in 2010 by Mike DeWine. But he did an excellent job as the first head of the Consumer Financial Protection Agency. He also would have made a good governor. But I liked him because he is much younger. I felt that the 2018 election for governor of Ohio pitted two excellent candidates.


Mike DeWine is certainly showing elected officials how to govern.

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