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Oh the irony.

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   Donald said he was going to drain the swamp (whatever that really means)...rhetorical bs.   But enough people in specific areas voted to allow him into office.    

   The draining? began as people were fired ( all the Federal States Attny's).   Lots of Ambassadors were told to resign.   State Department staff was greatly reduced as were people in many of the bureaucracies within the Federal Government.   


      GOP cranked up the budget to include huge amounts of cash to the DoD and donald signed that bill with a cranky grin.


     And now, the IG  / GAO has sent out a red flag - much of the money for stuff has zero transparency and zero accountability.     blah blah blah.


     Then come the excuses:  



Pentagon officials cited insufficient staffing and high turnover among security cooperation officers at U.S. embassies as reasons why oversight had faltered in the past, according to the GAO.

“The officials overseeing project implementation may not have been responsible for project development and are less likely to understand the capabilities of the intended recipient units or the capability gaps that could be addressed by equipment and training,” the GAO report states.

An increase in funding for the Global Train and Equip program left staffers swamped, according to the GAO, with three people generally managing all the projects at a combatant command, according to the GAO.

“Staff were unable to maintain consistent levels of due diligence on issues such as ensuring that proposal packages addressed absorptive capacity and sustainment planning,” the report states. “According to DOD officials, negative effects of this inconsistent due diligence included the arrival of equipment not suitable for operations and overestimation of one partner nation’s absorptive capacity, necessitating unplanned training and resulting in project delays.”

Pentagon officials told the GAO they are taking steps to increase staffing in these areas.


   Are RW okay with their cash going down rat holes, if not, they will be surprised when SHOCK - it takes people to hold the Fed accountable, even in the DoD.


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