Honored Social Butterfly

Oh YEA! More crockery drugs being dangled to Donald

    Donald is known for being attractive to bangles / bobbles.   Non-science folks know that and they posit that all the have to do is catch his attention and Voila, they then hold a magic ticket to millions.

    Carson and Mr. Pillow donor have a new cure for Covid - Oleander extract.


     I can only assume extract because edible parts can be lethal.     All they have to do is keep donald's attention for long enough to get him to call the FDA....that is what the Far Right ascribe to....magic cures and conspiracy theories and few quacks making millions.   Hey Gail these are the sorts of people I detest - Shills and Con-men that are part / parcel of GOP only because they stroke donald with cash. 

PRO-LIFE is Affordable Healthcare for ALL .
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