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‘Obamagate’ Isn’t A Conspiracy Theory, It’s The Biggest Political Scandal Of Our Time

‘Obamagate’ Isn’t A Conspiracy Theory, It’s The Biggest Political Scandal Of Our Time

And the media know it.


BY:  John Daniel Davidson


When former president Barack Obama told supporters last week that the Justice Department’s decision to drop the case against former White House National Security Adviser Mike Flynn is a “threat to the rule of law,” he was relying wholly on the fiction, willingly propagated for years by a pliant media, that the Russia-Trump collusion probe launched by his administration was lawful and legitimate.


But of course it wasn’t. A string of recently released documents have confirmed that the entire Russia-Trump investigation, which eventually entrapped Flynn and forced then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions to recuse himself, was an unprecedented abuse of power that amounted to organized effort by the Obama administration to nullify the results of the 2016 presidential election. It was in effect an attempted coup.


If you haven’t picked that up from the news media, it’s not your fault. Instead of grappling with the implications of newly released details about what Obama officials were doing to undermine the incoming Trump administration during the transition, the mainstream media have fixated on Trump’s use of the term “Obamagate” and dismissing it as a conspiracy theory.


A Brief History of the Flynn Case


This is to be expected. For years now the media have done everything they can to push the Trump-Russia collusion hoax—even after a years-long special counsel investigation by Robert Mueller turned up nothing—using the complexity of the scheme to hide the greatest political scandal of our time in plain sight.


A key aspect of that scheme was—and is—to make the case against Flynn appear legitimate. Flynn faced trumped-up charges that he mislead FBI agents about conversations he had with then-Russian ambassador Sergey Kislak in the weeks before Trump’s inauguration. (As the incoming national security advisor, Flynn was doubtless having conversations with numerous heads of state and ambassadors during this time, so there was nothing unusual about him talking to the Russian ambassador.)


The Obama administration already knew about the conversations with Kislak because it had recordings of them thanks to a series of investigations it spun out of the Crossfire Hurricane counterintelligence probe of the Trump campaign. Crossfire Hurricane, launched in the summer of 2016, was itself a bogus investigation based on the Steele dossier—an entirely fraudulent document riddled with Russian disinformation and paid for by the Democratic Party.


So why did the FBI want to interview Flynn ahead of Trump’s inauguration in January 2017? Top brass at the FBI weren’t exactly sure about their approach, but they knew they needed to get Flynn out of the way. As the bureau’s former head of counterintelligence, Bill Priestap, recorded in his notes, “What is our goal? Truth/Admission, or to get him to lie, so we can prosecute him or get him fired?”


Apparently the Obama administration settled on trying to entrap him in a lie. The recent disclosure of an early January 2017 Oval Office meeting attended by Obama, vice president Joe Biden, National Security Advisor Susan Rice, Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, and FBI Director James Comey, confirms the administration’s plan to hide the Russia probe from the incoming Trump team—including Flynn.


The idea was to use the Kislak calls as a pretext to keep the Flynn investigation open, even though there was no reason to do so. After months of spying on him, the FBI had found nothing to indicate Flynn was conspiring with the Russians.


As Rice wrote in an email to herself after the meeting, “President Obama said he wants to be sure that, as we engage with the incoming team, we are mindful to ascertain if there is any reason that we cannot share information fully as it relates to Russia.”


The point was to keep the Flynn investigation open as a way for Obama holdovers like Comey, Yates, and former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe to continue the Russia-Trump collusion probe even after Trump took office—and keep Flynn, Trump’s national security advisor, out of the loop. Since there was no reason to keep investigating Flynn, the Obama administration invented one: the preposterous notion that he intentionally mislead Vice President Mike Pence about his conversations with Kislak and then lied about it to the FBI.


There’s no evidence this happened, but even if there were it wouldn’t matter. As the Justice Department explained in its decision to drop the Flynn case, the investigation of Flynn was “untethered to, and unjustified by, the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation.”


Later, top FBI and Justice Department officials gave the House Intelligence Committee different answers about why they were pursuing Flynn. Comey, McCabe, Yates, and Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Mary McCord all gave conflicting testimony about the “primary purpose” of the FBI’s interview with Flynn, ranging from the outlandish notion that he violated the Logan Act—a constitutionally dubious 1799 law forbidding unauthorized citizens from negotiating with foreign governments—to the concocted charge that he lied to the FBI, which even the agents that conducted the interview with him didn’t believe.


Here’s Why Americans Need to Understand the Flynn Case


The Flynn case is just one piece of a much larger story about how the Obama administration—with the full knowledge and support of both Obama and Biden—targeted incoming Trump officials in a failed attempt to cripple the new administration with allegations it had colluded with Moscow.


The complexity of their scheme, and the efforts to hide it and mislead the American people, are frustrating. The cast of characters—from high-ranking Obama administration officials to relative nobodies loosely associated with Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign—is long, as is the timeline of events. Details have come out slowly, in fits and starts, over the course of years. Following all the leaks and declassified transcripts and congressional hearings requires constant vigilance, and if you don’t keep up with it you can easily lose the thread.


That all works to the advantage of those who perpetrated this hoax, because it’s easy to get overwhelmed and tune it all out, or simply accept the corporate media’s deceptive reporting. But the ongoing revelations about the FBI’s targeting of Flynn can’t be ignored. They demand a full accounting. If ever there was a threat to the rule of law, it was the Obama administration’s abuse of power and its weaponization of intelligence agencies in an attempt to take down Trump.


However convoluted it might seem, pay attention to it. It’s the biggest political scandal of our time.




This is 100 times bigger than Watergate...  Nixon took photos of campaign documents...


Obama weaponized government agencies to spy on the opposition.  Not even close to the same thing...






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"Obamagate"....Another way of saying "They were mean to our precious Snowflake"

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Ironic that the president with zero scandals (Obama) is being accused of wrongdoing by the followers of the president with his own set of fact-checkers to find all the lies. 

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You posted this subject under (List of Obama involved in Michael Flynn Unmasking) so why are you posting the same subject 2 times. I explained in that thread what happened so go read it and you will see how it is just another far right diversion

Your big conspiracy is a total bust. In short they had no idea it was Michael Flynn until the names were unmasked. This shows we have good intel people.

Go read my long answer in the other thread. Once again the far right bubble bursted.

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BY:  Paul Bedard


Then-Attorney General Eric Holder acted as President Barack Obama’s “wingman,” creating a highly politicized Justice Department that would steer investigations away from Democratic allies, including Hillary Clinton, and onto GOP foes such as President Trump, according to a successor.


Matthew Whitaker, a former U.S. attorney who served as a Trump's acting attorney general between Jeff Sessions and William Barr, claimed in a new book that Holder “created an above-the-law culture” in the department that led to the bumbled investigations that the president has dubbed “Obamagate.”


In Above the Law, provided in advance of its release, Whitaker described a department that was more political under Obama than any department since President Richard Nixon’s, one that sought to promote the efforts of partisans such as FBI chief James Comey, who has since been fired by Trump.


“What Holder is advocating for,” he wrote, “is a government full of Jim Comeys: government officials determining on their own what the Constitution demands, deciding which laws to prosecute and which to ignore, selectively releasing information to the media about Americans under investigation, and held accountable neither to the chief executive nor to voters.”


And as Obama’s “wingman” at the department, added Whitaker, Holder built a team that would remain after he left and that would eventually shut down a probe into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal at the State Department and eagerly build up an investigation into alleged Russian collusion with the Trump campaign in the 2016 election.


“There’s no doubt that Russia tried to influence the 2016 presidential election,” he wrote in the book from Regnery Publishing.


“But the political meddling within our own government, within the Justice Department, and within the intelligence community poses a far greater threat to Americans than any Russian internet troll farm. Without the rule of law, without respect for the Constitution, without honest administration in the Justice Department, we don’t have a republic,” he added.


The book is an indictment by a true insider of the “deep state” of liberal bureaucrats trying to protect their own and ignore Trump’s election.


It also highlighted the double standard of Obama-era officials, especially on recusals from cases they had an interest in. One that jumped out was of the case and conviction of former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn.


The book noted that the judge who accepted Flynn’s guilty plea of lying to the FBI was a friend and neighbor of discredited FBI official Peter Strzok, who texted with his FBI lover about hoping Trump did not become president. Strzok did not recuse himself, and Judge Rudolph Contreras did only later.

In several passages, Whitaker wrote about how Holder and his successors refused to investigate Obama-era scandals, such as the IRS's targeting of conservatives and a case against the New Black Panther Party, and he recalled how Holder successor Loretta Lynch met with former President Bill Clinton before ending the department’s probe of the Hillary Clinton emails.


“As longtime professional staff of the Justice Department privately acknowledged to me, the arrogance characteristic of the Obama administration, personified by his first attorney general, Eric Holder, created an above-the-law culture inside the Justice Department,” wrote Whitaker.




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@jimc91 wrote:

BY:  Paul Bedard



Paul Bedard, are you serious.


Yet more connective tissue to THE WASHINGTON TIMES, @jimc91.


Want to buy a flower?


The MOONIE CULT will appreciate it.


Can you not find a resource that DOES NOT have a connection to a CULT, @jimc91.

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Another day and another story to join with the many other in many other threads and one thing in common. Not True. As we have been told Trump a few weeks ago decided that Obama gate would be his newline of attack after his others were exposed as not true, and he has made such a fool out of himself due to the virus. Lets see how long this lasts. On FOX the last few days in was 24 hour coverage. I think they kept the enablers up all night watching. Since this is cow day. Will we see this till the cows come home. That might be election day in Nov., and then lets hope it is off to the ash can of history for Trump and his supporters. Time will tell.

Honored Social Butterfly

This just shows that trump has no positive points or good policies to run on, and needs to make stuff up to feed to his supporters. 
Just look at his ads coming out, nothing positive, just trying to hang phony accusations on opponents. Just look at the results of his dealing with the virus, running the economy into the ground, and embarrassing us in the eyes of the World. 
trump’s cupboard is bare!

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 A dying breed, a Republican with morals and values has written about this "ct".   He has written a 3000 word long form and short version.    Here is the short form:  



His comic incompetence does not make such a matter less serious, it makes it more serious.

So for those who have dismissed this as another passing fancy, here is a breakdown of what exactly #Obamagate is and why it matters.





Four years ago, there was a global conspiracy—comprised of President Obama, Vice President Biden, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, FBI Director Jim Comey, much of the FBI, the DNC, a company called CrowdStrike, multiple foreign intelligence services, and Ukrainian oligarchs—to undermine Donald Trump by planting a phony conspiracy theory that he was colluding with the Russians to win the 2016 election. These deep state operators framed several top Trump officials, fabricated evidence, and spied on the campaign with the end goal of committing the biggest fraud in American history in order to derail Trump.


  The information here has been beaten to death, but this is what is commonly known as DISTRACTION


   One has to ask, if not a distraction, then why are they revisiting the 2016 election and not looking to the 2020 election and the pandemic?    


Here is the longform:  :

PRO-LIFE is Affordable Healthcare for ALL .
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Oh ....... the Federalist once again.   Never mind ........ nothing here.

Man learns from history that man learns nothing from history.
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A short excerpt from a Fox 'news' show:


BRADLEY MOSS: Yeah, I'm sitting here trying to figure out what exactly constitutional deprivation was there? What is the crime that people think, you know, Barack Obama and Joe Biden are going to be  prosecuted under? To be clear—and this is using the words of President Trump and his lawyers for the last three years—any sitting president can get any classified information they want. According to Donald Trump, they can launch any investigation they want. They can tell the FBI to pursue only particular individuals. This is not me saying it. This is what Donald Trump's been saying for three years.

This was their argument during the Mueller probe. This was their argument during the impeachment investigation. That the president has this kind of authority. So what did we find out? That Barack Obama was aware about intelligence intercepts on the Russian ambassador when he was talking with General Flynn? That there had just been an attack on our election a couple months earlier? We were still dealing with the fallout of Russian election interference in 2016. There was a concern about a counterintelligence prom with Michael Flynn, and they had a discussion.

I'm shocked. I can't believe they had that conversation. What is the crime?

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From @jimc91:

Come on, @jimc91, John Daniel Davidson???? Really, @jimc91?


He is a senior editor for THE FEDERALIST.


We all remember THE FEDERALIST.


YES, YES it is the media outlet founded by the serial plagiarizer because he couldn't get a job anywhere else due to his repeated plagiarizing of other people's work.


YES, YES it is the media outlet that printed articles that support child molestation if it was an older man molesting an underage girl because impregnation would increase the population.


Come on, @jimc91, try to find legitimate sources of media rather than repeatedly sourcing these fringe outlets.

Honored Social Butterfly

PanJ, instead of the make believe Obamagate Conspiracy Theory, I thought the biggest political scandal of our time was Trump hiring a large number of CONVICTED FELONS to work in his campaign and administration. There were so many felons that I lost count.


Obviously, that's not a concern to those who reside in Trump World.

Regular Social Butterfly

CriticalThinking said:  I thought the biggest political scandal of our time was Trump hiring a large number of CONVICTED FELONS to work in his campaign and administration.



sunluver1943 says:  Hey Critical, those are the obama leftovers that President Trump hadn't gotten rid of.  lol  Come to think of it, he still has a few too many of those leftovers that he needs to get rid

of!   Or maybe our great President was just kind enough to give a felon a job, yeah that's it.  😁

TRUMP-PENCE 2020!!! To Save This Country From The Insanity of The Dems!
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Just a question for the group.


Flynn was indicted on a number of federal crimes. He was guilty on all counts. To lesson his jail time he accepted a plea deal. It consisted of cooperating with the prosecution and pleading guilty to the least of his many crimes.


He cooperated. After that he had his day in court where he pleaded guilty. Trial over. Flynn is a convicted felon.


My question. The judge accepted his guilty plea. He had his day in court. The DOJ now wants to undo that conviction. Isn't that supposed to be done by appeal?

Bronze Conversationalist

Obama is not in the office, Trump is. Trump has been President for a little over three years, when is he going to stop passing the buck and accept responsibility for his actions? NEVER! 

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Honored Social Butterfly


. To lesson his jail time he accepted a plea deal. It consisted of cooperating with the prosecution and pleading guilty to the least of his many crimes.



True. And if he now says he didn't do it, then he's guilty of lying to the court when he made his plea deal.



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Trusted Social Butterfly


. To lesson his jail time he accepted a plea deal. It consisted of cooperating with the prosecution and pleading guilty to the least of his many crimes.



True. And if he now says he didn't do it, then he's guilty of lying to the court when he made his plea deal.


Not just that: When he first tried to cancel his plea deal the judge warned him that if he did that the DOJ could try him for "treason". That should give you a feel for how serious hiscrimes were. After thinking about it, his lawyers asked for some time to study that. The judge granted the time. 


Unlike the rest of us, that judge knew all of Flynn's crimes and based on that (from his comments) called him a sleaze bag traitor in open court. Oh my.


So now Flynn can depend on Trump for a pardon or do the plea deal with a really (justified so) angry court.


All of that begs the question: What does that traitor Flynn have on Trump?

Honored Social Butterfly

CriticalThinking:   PanJ, instead of the make believe Obamagate Conspiracy Theory, I thought the biggest political scandal of our time was Trump hiring a large number of CONVICTED FELONS to work in his campaign and administration. There were so many felons that I lost count.



Any normal person looks at the kind of people Trump associates with and red flags go up. But not the base. He not only hires convicted felons, he has ties to the mobs in NYC going back to the beginning of his career. Giant red flags, but again, the base ignores it.

Here's an interesting article about Trump  and the mob before he was elected (May 2016). How anyone sweeps this stuff under the rug is beyond me.


Just What Were Donald Trump's Ties to the Mob?

Honored Social Butterfly

Saw a want ad for Obamagate and it said: "Needed fast: a crime with supporting evidence". Will pay cash.

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