No Blue Collar Boom, but a Bubble Close to Bursting

Trump bubble = U.S. GDP Growth Is Now at 1.9%, Showing Once Again That Trump Does Not Deliver on His Promises, Especially in Economics; Serious Domestic Liquidity Issues Include Repo Cash Crunch; Durable Goods Orders Down Year Over Year; Mining and Manufacturing Continue to Shrink, with Manufacturing Still 4.8% Below Pre-2008 Levels; Industrial Production Has Not Expanded in 142 Months; CASS Freight Index Marks Tenth Month of Decline, “Signaling an economic contraction.”
Trump Propaganda Hypes Stock Market Bubble Based on GOP Tax Scam of December 2017; Corporate Tax Bonanza Ploughed into Stock Buybacks, Not New Plant, Equipment, and Jobs; New York Fed (Alias PPT) Pumps Up Markets with $120 Billion per Day in Hot Money; FOMC’s Falling Interest Rates Designed to Stoke Speculation, Not Capital Investment and Hiring; “Earnings Recession” Looms; Indicators for Physical Economy Mostly Negative: Industrial Production, Durable Goods Orders, Home Building, Freight Loadings Down!
His Fable of a Blue Collar Boom Is a Complete Hallucination; Notice That He Never Gives Exact Numbers! He, trump is Don the Con-man.
9,300 Stores Closed in Trump’s 2019 Retail Apocalypse; World Bank Says U.S. GDP Will Stay Below 2%, Points to Global Debt Crisis; S&P 500 P/E Ratio Is Most Bloated Ever; Fed Inflating Stock Market Bubble Using Repo and Quantitative Easing Injections; Wall Street Already Addicted!
Very Ominous: Cavorting with His Fellow Wealthy Parasites in Davos, Trump Showed Enthusiasm for Cutting Medicare; With Medicare Nearing Insolvency by 2024, Further Cuts May Reflect Trump’s Intent to Force Medicare into Bankruptcy on His Watch Through Budget Austerity!
Democrats Must Stop Squawking and Show Voters That Under Trump, It Will Be
Medicare for None 2024

Honored Social Butterfly


Thanks for making points as to what is really taking place, not what trump claims is taking place. trumps purports the events as to what he thinks will make him look good, but not admit to the truth which he knows will make him look bad!

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