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New CDC Guidelines Issued for Venturing Out in Public

At long last, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued new Covid-19 pandemic guidance documents to help the public minimize risk while venturing out into public spaces or (some small) get togethers.


CDC - Coronavirus 2019 (Covid-19) Deciding to Go Out 


There are more specifics at the links on the bottom of the page -




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We need a National plan and National leadership which we do not have. In Fl cases are breaking records so what does FL do. Stops releasing number of people in hospitals, wants staff to doctor numbers in the system, and fires her when she will not. Has Trump and Reb. convention. Ga. has outbreak in packing plant and ignores it, in rural area has an out break and ignores it even when hospitals go beyond ability to accept new sick people, Gov. says he did not know people with out symptoms could spread the virus, opens up to soon (even Trump said he was wrong).  Mid west states have out breaks in meat packing plants and do nothing so it spreads and creates hot spots. OK has hot spot in Tulsa and allows Trump rally which breaks even the CDC guidelines, Mfg. plant there does the right thing and closes test all employees after out break but still a rally.  Could go on and on.

National plan would end all of this. 

Another way to end it is vote Trump and all Reb. out of office in Nov.


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Yes, I've been exercising outside this whole time, up to two hours a day, around others.   Took a hike today and crossed paths with all the hikers nouveaux, lol, and put a mask on when we got too close (the path is not six feet wide).  But otherwise, I can exercise mask free. 


I will not stand in line at an outdoor ice cream stand or anything like that, though.  Too long in another's company for me.  You just need that one person to cough without covering their mouths....

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I have also been exercising, walking, hiking outside the whole time.  Generally, I seek out solitude anyway, the path least traveled, and if I go to a park or reserve or trailhead and there are a lot of parked cars, than I move on past.   Not many trails are 6' wide, so of course, I carry a mask and use it when unable to avoid any meetings, and I also usually move off trail to allow other hikers to pass.


Inside?  No question there.  VA is under a wear-a-face-covering mandate anyway and too many peeps think they're immune, so since they can't be bothered with protecting other people from their emissions/spray, I make it a point to go in the opposite direction or turn and face away when unavoidable.

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Multiple studies have shown that almost all cases of Covid-19 are transmitted indoors. Transmission outdoors happens, but it's a rarity. Therefore, under normal conditions, there's no need to wear a mask (my personal opinion).


The studies I'm referring to had a caveat. And that caveat was, you should be OK under normal outdoor contact, such as walking on the sidewalk or through a park. They warned against being part of a large crowd and also emphasized the need to remain 6 feet from others. But they emphasized it was very difficult to transmit the disease to another outdoors, unless you are part of a big crowd.


However, when I go inside a grocery store, or Walmart, or Costco, I always wear a mask. But as soon as I leave the store, that mask comes off.

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