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’National testing scene is a complete disgrace’

This has to be one of the Trump administrations biggest failures in its pandemic response. As we know, Trump abandoned any leadership role in the pandemic resulting in such a piecemeal approach that we are suffering though new covid records almost daily.  Of course, he turned his attention to saving the Confederate Flag. 


Waiting 6 days (at a minimum) is an impossible situation.  Trump could have created a standardized national testing program to reduce the time of completing the tests to hours.  This is what a leader does.  



Colorado Gov. Jared Polis on Sunday said national testing for Covid-19 is disastrously slow.

“The national testing scene is a complete disgrace,“ Polis said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “So, every test we send out to private lab partners nationally, Quest, Labcorp, seven days, eight days, nine days — maybe six days if we're lucky. Almost useless from an epidemiological or even diagnostic perspective.“ 

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Yet even now, IMPOTUS is trying to block any money from going to testing, tracing, and the CDC in the upcoming coronavirus relief bill.


"President Trump has repeatedly questioned the value of conducting widespread coronavirus testing, arguing that if there were fewer tests conducted, the number of infections would be lower. Coronavirus infections and deaths are on the rise in many states.


The administration is also seeking to zero out $10 billion in new funding for the CDC in the upcoming bill, while slashing spending for the Pentagon and State Department related to foreign aid, the person said. Trump has been skeptical of State Department spending and foreign aid generally, but it was unclear why the Trump administration would seek to block money for the Pentagon for a variety of coronavirus-related expenses such as reimbursing contractors for providing paid leave to employees."


This president is a piece of work. 🙄

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What tRump is doing in regards to the Pandemic is just about criminal.


Man learns from history that man learns nothing from history.
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   The current WH regime no longer cares, it is now attempting go back to the earliest proposition of donald's - in which he takes no responsibility for any of this pandemic.   Such leadership - not my job!

    NYT has a great article up today:


     The current folks in WH regime are in a group think process where there is no one who dares point out that they are wrong and missing all the important factors that are destroying his re-elect campaign.


     The testing rate is compiled by John Hopkins site, but one has to drill down to find that information.

     The metric that has been set as "good" is 5%.     ( 33 States and Puerto Rico ) are above that metric.

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