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Re: NRA, Russia, Trump -- NYTimes.

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@rj7500– as I just said in another thread, the louder trump  screams fake news, the truer  we know the story is. If I listen very closely, I can hear the fool screaming  here in my little town in New York State. 


Gee, I miss having a real president!

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Re: NRA, Russia, Trump -- NYTimes.

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Re: NRA, Russia, Trump -- NYTimes.

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But I was told they had no contact with Russians 🤔
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NRA, Russia, Trump -- NYTimes.

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There is quite an interesting story in the NY Times this morning.  It contains items about The NRA, several well known conservatives,  including Jeff Sessions and interactions with  people from the Soviet Union trying to broker meetings with Trump and Trump surrogates before the election.   Worth a read, if nothing else sure to stir up a firestorm of controvery.  Also including member of the Christian Conservative wings.  ---Words and meanings to look up.  Fifth Column,  Quisling.  

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